Wyze plug

Can a Wyze plug be turned on and off if a Wyze cam detects motion or sound or do I need Wyze sense as well?

Wyze has not published support documentation for the plugs yet. You should expect to see it show up in the Support section when Wyze ships the plugs out. :slight_smile:

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As @DreadPirateRush stated nothing official has been released, but I can speculate that it will support the same triggers that Wyze Bulb supports including motion from a Wyze Cam.

Keep in mind that WyzeCam motion triggers may have a longer delay before activating the Bulb (or plug?) so you might want to try out a Sense Starter Kit anyway :slight_smile:

Just to add the reason why in case people wonder, it takes longer because it will not send the motion signal until after the video is recorded and sent to the cloud, from what I have seen it adds a 13-15 second delay


the early access orders will be shipped soon so undoubtedly there will be some information coming out soon.