Wyze Plug Use

Unless I am missing something, there’s no way to set the time to turn on/off, just like the Wyze bulb. I thought I would be able to set a time to turn on like at 8:30pm and have it turn off at 10pm. If not possible, then this product is disappointing. Also, does anyone know the frequency for the vacation mode? I don’t want it to turn on during the day time…sigh…same frustration as the bulb.

It is the same as the bulb at this time. Here’s the #wishlist topic where you can vote for and/or comment on the need to control active timeframes for event triggered rules:

You should be able to set a schedule to turn the Plug on at 8:30 PM, and a second, separate schedule to turn it off at 10 PM.

I do that with the Bulbs now.

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