Wyze Pan Pet Camera identical to the Wyze Cam Pan?

Can it be used as a device supported in the Wyze app?

Is this something someone is selling as a pet version? Do you have a link?

Looks like a standard Wyze Cam Pan being sold by a reseller, so yep, should work with the Wyze app no problem!

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I do notice it doesn’t come with a micro SD card. If you have multiple pets and want to see who left the mess on the floor, you will want a SD card. :slight_smile:

32 GB is the standard size. Holds 3-7 days, depending on resolution set. Then it automatically records over the oldest footage.

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Can it be used outdoors?

The Pan Cam is not an outdoors model, but many have used it there. It is mostly a matter of sheltering it under an overhang, or putting it in an enclosure. Obviously damage from water, etc would not be warrantied.


Thanks for your help

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There was a pet store chain that was one of the first to sell Wyze gear in Canada. Markets are weird.

FYI , chewy sells several different models of wyze cams that can be used with the wyze app , including outdoor cameras, like the V3 and Wyze Cam Outdoor

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