Wyze on Computer

maybe a windows app?

What Avnorth said… ditto… Iv’e 11 Wyze Cams… I would like to see them either in a browser or Native Wyze Windows App. RTSP at a minimum.


Ok - that is way to complicated.
Time to shop for something integrated.

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I agree, been using BlueStacks too, it takes forever to start up, but I’d still rather use it than use the app on a tiny cell phone. One issue I have is recording segments from playback. No idea where they go. If anyone knows, please post. I’m using BlueStacks on Windows.

Ah, thanks, there’s an extra step you’d have to do in BlueStacks. I have the cameras in a group, so when I select the camera, I get a large screen where I don’t see “More”. You’d have to convert it into a small screen first by clicking the icon in the upper right corner. Now you can see “More”.

I just updated my firmware to the latest,, and now I’m unable to get data from my camera. Might want to hold off on upgrading if you care to still use BS.


I am a fan of accessible and low cost home automation integrations. But my current phone shows 15+ devices and services, and it is quickly becoming increasingly unusable.

I am rooting for Wyze, but am not convinced they can get to be a full market player in home automation unless they address design and usability in their UI… and that also requires a full functionality Web app. I have $$$ on Wyze products, but am reaching the limit in terms of I can access that functionality.

I am writing this post on a 32" 4k screen on my desktop. Forcing me to look at 5 in diagonal screen on a handheld device is not going to cut it; all my other smart home devices are reachable; you know, the other two companies that start with A…

Wyze web browser is still in Beta so give them some time, and HOPEFULLY they get it right.

I use a decommissioned Nexus 6p to feed my Chromecast device on my large screen TV works very well, and the Nexus 6p serves as a remote to flip through quad-view cameras on the TV.

FANTASTIC that this is being worked on. Would love to see live view from cameras and shared cameras on a computer browser.

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Since I posted that about a year and a half ago, it has been released in to beta. See here for more.:

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We just purchased and install 2 cameras. Live view works great on the phone but doesn’t seem to load on Live stream - Wyze , it bring us the names of our 2 cameras, press the play button but just loads and loads and loads. Using firefox, is there a browser it works best with?

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Try chrome! Lots of folks say they have problems with Firefox.

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the wyze beta on my google web browser been acting up now since whatever has been done … i had no issues. now its been on and freezing i would run this on my computer all day up until now its giving a problem. please fix … thanks !

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Can you download the recordings from this bluestick to your computer

is wyze live ever going to get out of beta? It used to work, not flawlessly, on my chrome browser. Have problems everytime when logging in as I get a scripting error on the page, so hit backward & it logs in. I used to be able to view my cams & today “live” view doesn’t work. When clicked to show the camera, I just get a continuous spinning wheel. Did this beta for Wyze on Computer get dropped, as that’s how it’s appearing?

I agree w what you say & I have the same issues… scripting error, go backwards then I can log in,… it says I’m in live view, but cars & ppl are going by, it’s windy, & not 1 of these show on the camera I have in “live” full screen view. Even when showing all the cameras on page & I select 1 camera to play, I get spinning wheel & nothing live.
Here it is Jan 2023, & still no change. I think Wyze has dropped this live view on browser (I use Chrome also), as they do most things they start!