Wyze night light linked functions

We’re all familiar with motion-sensitive nightlights, so obviously Wyze version will have more flexibility. Will it be possible to have one light act as a trigger for remote lights? I had some nightlights like this years ago and it was very handy.

For example, you are asleep but hear a sound downstairs. You get up, but don’t want a light (even a nightlight) that might wake your partner. But that “no light” light could act as a trigger for lights at the top and bottom of the stairs. Make sense? Yes, the top of the stairs lamp could be the trigger but then you are in a less safe place in the dark.

I suppose that failing a “disable lamp” option black electrical tape can be applied generously…

Wyze Night Light does not connect to WiFi. so it would not be able to trigger remote lights

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Another example of wyze slapping their label on an old lot of products they found.
Wyze, please stop selling products that don’t meet basic expectations. Why sell something that isn’t wifi/Google assistant/Alexa compatible?!

A product is what it is , you decide whether you like it or not or whether or not you want to buy it.
You are not abrogated to like it or buy it


In your scenario, you could put a Wyze night light immediately outside your bedroom door and link it to stairway Wyze night lights.