Wyze Motion Sensor to Trigger D-Link DSP-W110 Wi-FI Smart Plug

Hi. I have recently installed a Wyze Sense Bridge to the back of my Wyze cam. I’ve connected the motion sensor and it’s working fine. I’m learning to use IFTTT. What I would like to do is have the motion sensor trigger (turn on) my D-Link Smart Plug when it senses motion, and turn off the smart plug when the motion sensor no longer senses motion. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Create IFTTT account.
Log into Wyze service through IFTTT
Log into d link service through IFTTT
Create applet Get Started - IFTTT? where IF Wyze motion sensor senses motion THEN turn on D-Link plug. Create another applet for the opposite next

I searched in IFTTT and there should be a d link plug service, but since I don’t have it, I can’t test. I learned ifttt by playing around creating and deleting applets. Lots of trial and error. Play around with the different services, learn it yourself, it was fun. Unfortunately it’s only “if this then that” and not “if this OR this then that”.

BTW, welcome to the forums! A wealth of knowledge is here throughout the threads. Search around, see what people have done and asked. Enjoy your Wyze products!

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here is the location of D-Link services for IFTTT


First two in the list are to turn on - turn off D-link smart plug, I hope that’s what you were looking for.

Thank you for your prompt response. I played around with it and with a little pointing in the right direction from Youtube, I finally figured it out. i’m working on dialing it in. Thank you again.

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Those are the premade applets and work with Google voice to turn on/off a d link plug. I believe if you log into the D-Link service you can custom make an applet with the Wyze actions triggering the D-Link plugs.

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@Omgitstony I JUST noticed that as I seen your reply, Good catch!

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