Wyze Motion sensor and Wyze bulbs

I have figured out how to turn a Wyze bulb on when a particular sensor senses motion and how to turn the bulb off when the sensor has cleared. However, I would like this to happen at night only so the bulbs do not come on during the day when the sensor detects motion. Has anyone figured out a way to do this? Is there something that I am missing?

no, currently there is no way to only schedule this for a portion of the time. its all or nothing but it is something Wyze is working on.

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Thanks Bam for your quick response. At least now I can stop searching for a solution that apparently does not exist. I am hoping Wyze will provide this ability in future updates.

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Could this be accomplished with the IFTTT app, perhaps? Iā€™m not super familiar with the app and do not have time to dig around in it right now (at work), so I do not know.

@gstebb, this topic may interest you. :slight_smile:

Thanks flaggs for the suggestion. I have explored using IFTTT but not been able to come up with a solution yet. It seems that the problem lies with the motion sensor in that there is no way to tell it not to turn on the bulb during certain time periods. But I will keep looking.

Thanks DreadPirate Rush, I will check out the topic you referenced.

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