Wyze Light (a do-it-all bathroom light)

I would like to see Wyze develop a do-it-all bathroom light that plugs into a typical duplex bathroom outlet with features as follows:

  1. Night Light (with app settings for off, low, medium, & high output plus timer scheduling)
  2. Motion Light (with sensitivity control & app settings for off, low, medium, & high output)
  3. Emergency Light (with app settings for off, low, medium, & high output and be removable for use as a flashlight during a power outage)
  4. Alexa Built-in (with mic & good speaker) for commands and music
  5. GFI Outlets (2 minimum)
  6. USB Charging (2 minimum)

My condo bathroom has no windows and artificial lighting is a very important requirement. Also, the exhaust fan does not have an independent switch and I would like enough light to be able to brush my teeth without turning on the main light with a noisy fan that I don’t need if I’m not taking a shower.


As to #5, by most (if not all) electrical codes, a bathroom outlet should already be GFCI protected.

Yes to all of the above! The Echo Flex was a GREAT little product except for its weak speaker, and it is currently impossible to find a similar Alexa device in the same form factor.

This would be a killer product (and I don’t even care about the lighting part).