Wyze in the news today, and it’s not good

They should either just down or get bought out by new owners.

I have the original out door camera - but never inserted an SD card.

Very disconcerting. I had high hopes for Wyze - and little idea that their software is so bad. I guess I start replacing them at this point.

Another irresponsible "news* site to add to the pile of crap articles failing to acknowledge that nearly ZERO customers are vulnerable to this otherwise significant security flaw, whose authors have never heard of a home router, and/or whose owners are knowingly scaremongering for the click revenue.

Tell the story and tell the truth too. 9 To 5 Mac now sucks along with Beeping Computer and Gizmodo and The Verge. At least a couple of those have amended their articles to somewhat convey the truth of the matter.

It’s just not sexy to say a company ignored an edge case vulnerability for 3 years but don’t worry because it’s really not much of a threat.


Thanks Wyze, not such a good thing for a ‘security’ system eh?

Except, as @Customer pointed out, among many others, unless someone was logged into your home internet, you weren’t vulnerable.

Lots of people making a mountain out of a molehill.


Yeah, ok - no need to fix something for 3 years as long as it only affects some few people. Must have been the old days in IT (I retred 2 years ago) when it was unacceptable to ignore security flaws that only affected a few. Heck, it was probably their own fault anyway - ever had Frontier for a provider? The frontier who resets your modem and router to factory default without notice?

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No one said it shouldn’t be fixed, and certainly in fewer than 3 years. The flaw is one issue. Wyze’s non-disclosure and humongous lag is another. And lying misleading news articles are a third.

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Hey @dbtoo

And in my experience, this community is all over something when a mountain is a mountain. This ain’t Wyze Facebook. :slight_smile:

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Ok, so how many of you with the concerns are ready to cut your losses and dump all your cameras off- half price of course, because they’re used (and subject to security breaches). I could use another pan cam or solar charger.


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Lol didn’t say it was on a deadline. But that’s funny, thanks for pointing it out

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Incidentally, users would be scrapping their Wyze ecosystem today for a wide variety of new reasons. And, since all cams were patched as a result of this issue, only the V1, which has reached EOL and is no longer being updated, would be one that I would expect to be offloaded for security concerns.

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And, to further rehash, even the V1 is completely safe behind every ordinary home router. This was essentially a local (had to be on the same WiFi network) exploit.

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