Wyze Home Security equipment is it UL listed (Not the Monitoring)

Wyze Home Security equipment is it UL listed Alarm equipment?

Yes the monitoring is UL listed, but the Real Question is the device made by Wyze UL listed Alarm Equipment?

I really doubt the equipment made for Wyze, and sold by Wyze is UL listed alarm equipment as the requirements for the UL listing of Alarm Devices & Equipment are very stringent.

It is good that the monitoring provider is UL listed but if the signal never gets to the monitoring center it would not be their responsibility.

If the Alarm equipment fails to get the data to the monitoring center then your alarm is useless during that loss of data, bug in software, etc…

UL listed Alarm Devices have to prove their communications are reliable as part of the certification, Wyze Alarm devices do not have any UL listing that I can find for the equipment.

If the Wyze Alarm equipment is UL listed what listing is it under UL 681 or other? (UL 827 is Only the Monitoring Company)