Wyze Home Monitoring Service with keypad, sensors, and 911 dispatch

Would love to see a smart panel that can control the security and other products like cameras, lights, outlets, door locks and shows the time and weather even. I have ring security currently but am just limited to a dumb keypad unlike my old spectrum/time warner cable security system.


I’m with you! I bought the Sense v1 on day 1, and have had a similar experiences, which has been very frustrating at times. Coincidentally, my dumb sense system sent notifications all last night telling me that some of my sensors were low on battery. So I am extra cranky. With the Sense V1 (already obsolete after 18 months???) I have had these problems:

  1. Two contact sensors simply not connecting to Bridge anymore. They replaced them under warranty… but I am guessing these have a 1-2 year lifespan?!?
  2. The alert notifications come 30 seconds to 15 minutes later! If a criminal broke into my house, they have 30 seconds to 15 minutes to do as they please before I will ever know… This is obviously an issue with the design of having notifications go to their server first, and then to my phone. But they could have easily made instantaneous notification noises using the Wyze camera speaker (this has been a feature customers have asked for for the last 18 months).
  3. Going along with the last problem. Both my phone and my wife’s phone have the app. She’ll get a notification, while mine never does… And they have the same exact settings! Crazy.
  4. Sensors not sticking to doors. Some have stuck great, while others I had to put carpet tape on them to keep them up.
  5. Replacing batteries. Some lasted a very long time, Some seem to need to get replaced all the time.

Now we’re hearing that they are benching V1, and going to a new V2?!? After only 18 months?!? I just purchased their Doorbell and their Thermostat. Am I going to find these scrapped after 18 months as well??? I have been a huge fan since the beginning, but this is starting to get a bit painful. I sure hope they test their product better next time, instead of testing it on us first…

There a problem with contact sensors. If the battery goes dead/too low they can loose there MAC address and never be able to sync with the camera again and require replacement. Supposedly they’ll replace them. I’m about to give that a try.

That’s HUGE!!! Thank you for the info. I wish they’d tell us this info. When I got the others replaced, they never said anything about that. They just replaced them. Good to know.

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This seems similar to this:

Although this is similar, I am referring to a smart panel instead of a dumb keypad for the security system. Similar to what spectrum/time warner cable and Comcast did with their security systems by using a tablet-like panel for the base of the security system but also had the lights/cameras/thermostat/door locks/etc tied into it as referenced in the picture I posted with it.

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A wall mounted tablet that you can plug directly into an outlet would be nice.

Tablet Flush Mount | Makes by Mike makes a nice kit. Its nice not seeing wires.

If Wyze can pull off a tablet with live streaming and control all of the smart things they offer it could be a hit.

any idea on yearly pricing? Im sure Wyze is aware of the market being around $100 a year with unlimited cameras + a longer video storage time and warranty.

Yes this is a must!
All other home monitoring systems use the IQ Panel and customized to that vendor

I wish Wyze would concentrate more on the safety and security aspect of the smart home rather than watches, vacuums, scales, headphones, and lawn sprinkler modules. Who has a lawn sprinkler? I know some of you do, but everyone has a home to protect. Wyze started on the home security path with their awesome cameras at an affordable price point. Now it seems they have put their money and attention on household items that have nothing to do with home security when they should focus on their core market with water sensors, door sensors, and a full-blown security system.

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Wyze has always been more along the line of a Smart Home Device provider. I don’t recall them stating their goal was home security. Their About Page gives the companies goal in detail.

It’s our goal to become the most customer-centric smart home technology company.

As we grow, we will continue to launch high quality, affordable smart home products that enrich people’s lives and make great technology accessible to everyone.

It’s short sighted if you don’t think home security is part of home automation.

When your first products look like home security products, you’re home security. Doesn’t mean your limited to that.

Whatever your mission statements says doesn’t matter when it comes to product quality , whether home automation or security… if you’re going to produce a product, produce it with quality. As an example, Wyze sense is unreliable. One of the latest issues- if a battery dies in a door sensor, the sensor is toast. Come on here! You spread yourselves too thin to too many products without great quality control, you’ll loose in the end.

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Why will it be required to have the monitoring service? I currently use an Abode system along with my Wyze cams, and the Amazon Alexa. It does everything that I want it to do, while I understand that some people will want the monitoring, there are some that won’t want it. At least make it an optional service.

Agree , it would be nice to have both self monitor with the option of professionally monitored.

Wyze sense v2 definitely can’t come soon enough, v1 is no longer available for a reason.

For a security camera, what would one use? I can use my V3 but without the PIR motion detection on that, I get a ton of false motion based on things like car headlights turning my corner, or leaves blowing across my lawn.

Better door sensors which I know are in the works. small enough to fit on the windows without being intrusive would be great. I can drill out a door to hide them but a window is harder.

NAS-maxdrive was canceled, would be great to have a back up system in place that would keep recording if network is lost.

Sad about the loss of Maxdrive.

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Uh is there no cellular backup…? Why have a battery backup (if power is out, so is internet) if it cannot communicate to the monitoring center in the first pace? That’s going to cause people to not choose this if there is no backup for power and internet loss.

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There will be thousands of home security enthusiasts like me who use own DSC/Honewell security systems at home and have hard wired several (no battery and fail safe) sensors to the central unit. And the central unit will be exposed through EnvisaLink and or Hub6 to a monitoring company.

It will be nice if you could integrate with either EnvisaLink or Hub6 to get the existing sensor readings into your Home Monitoring unit. All this will be just software level updates and can be configured remotely at your end - just asking the user to provide details about the EnvisaLink or Hub6 which is already connected to the internet.

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