WYZE headphones head strap plastic cracking off

WYZE Headphones head strap plastic keeps cracking off. It seemes to have become very brittle and a piece brakes off every day. I have been able to reattach most of the pieces with super glue, I love them otherwise.

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How strange. Do you have a photo of the issue?

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Here is a snapshot

No image, since it’s your first post I don’t think you can post images or videos yet.

Out of curiosity have you contacted support about this issue?
Support can be reached at;
Online Ticket

WYZE Support

Live support is available: UPDATED SUPPORT HOURS (thank you for the correction @Seapup)

Monday - Friday 4 am -8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


I have the same issue, anyone ever help you out?

No one has responded from Wyze. The head strap has cracked three different times on both sides and I just super glued it back together as best I could and it seems to be stable now.

My brothers and mine both cracked off and are gone. Anyone found a good workaround or know if you can just order a replacement part?

Mine cracked and snapped in 2. Disappointing