Wyze Document Camera

I’d love to see Wyze bring their expertise to bear in solving one particular challenge in schools. I work for a school district, as a computer tech, and watch hundreds of teacher’s struggle with old or broken document cameras.

Replacements are expensive, easily up to $500. Even competent “cheap” options start range from $100 to $250. School budgets are strained and this essential piece of tech is frequently forced into neglect.

Everytime I am asked to squeeze a little more life out of a document camera, I just KNOW Wyze could knock this one out of the park!!

Digital learning will never replace a teacher’s need to show a page from a book or other physical document. Completing a worksheet, solving a problem, or even doing an art project are core uses for doc cams. Too many classrooms can’t utilize this tech because it’s “not in the budget”.

A document camera needs to:

  • Be affordable
  • Offer a sharp / high-res image
  • Record sound
  • Connect to a PC via USB ( Though wireless would be AMAZING!!)
  • Autofocus
  • Have a light
  • Be sturdy and easy to position
  • Have an easy PC app / interface that allows still shots and recording.

I picture the classic Wyze cube atop an adjustable stand with simple buttons a teacher can use to quickly share a doc with their class, snap a pic or record a “how to video” to post online. And, in today’s growing digital learning environment, I can even see students using doc cams to show their teachers their work and practice from home.

A delivery of new Wyze doc cams would be exciting for school admins because they are affordable, thrilling for teachers because they would be a joy to use, and exciting for techs who enjoy a product that’s easy to install, use, and maintain.

Entering the education market would be a big win for teachers AND Wyze. Your products are amazing - and I hope a Wyze doc cam soon joins the ranks of your winning line of products.

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This is a great idea!
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It’s not necessarily good for use as a document camera, but you can use your V2 as a webcam/document camera.

Schools I know have just been telling people to install something like Microsoft Lens on their phones. Does an okay job if you hold it straightish.

I know there are lots of “use your device as a doc camera” solutions, but it’s not always easy. Teachers and students usually use their devices and can’t dedicate them to use as a doc camera. And, though it sounds insignificant, having a dedicated doc cam you can quickly access and use saves time and keeps momentum going.


A document camera that does not reverse lettering and numbers that can be used for virtual teaching to show examples. It needs to focus clearly and is small and compact to travel and pack up.

*there’s already a “document camera” on the wishlist, but it’s a mislabeling of hi-res webcam.

I’ve tried almost a dozen DIY document scanning rigs, and the V3 cam solves several problems - easy mounting, easy preview, and best of all, when your phone can preview but doesn’t use the camera hardware, you can tap without jostling the camera or getting in the way of light. The only must-have is a narrow-angle, closer field lens, with perk features of higher resolution and an LED.

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