Wyze DashCam

Hello I believe a wyze cam dash cam for cars would be amazing. Two camera wireless set up recording front and back view of car. It can be powered wired/wireless and solar. When paired with a wifi hotspot or a sim card slot. This can be a game changers for the right price.!

Best I can do

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Before we all go to jail for you violating someone’s privacy, at least tell us what cam you used that did that. :upside_down_face:

It’s a public street :grinning: The camera is a 5 or 6 year old DOD LS460W dash cam. No longer available. You can type in the latitude and longitude shown on the bottom right of the first two screen shot to find the location.

Am I the only person that wants not only front and back recording, but also left, right, and cabin (with IR illumination and night vision for that one)? Of course, all that would be counter to Wyze’s low cost strategy.

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Buy a Tesla :upside_down_face:

Vehicle camera with Driver Safety AI alerts

This is a stretch, but considering Wyze’s high-quality cameras and AI expertise:


  • A non-wifi camera mounted inside a car (like a dash cam) that provides helpful driver support features, such as “lane departure warning”, “following distance”, “blind spot monitoring”.
  • Connected to an external monitor with optional audio alerts


  • This would be useful for the majority of cars that were not produced with expensive advanced safety tech


  • The Mapbox Vision SDK looks suitable. They offer an example of a leading Chinese app that uses a smartphone’s sensors, cameras, and screen to offer all of the above features.
  • However, a dedicated camera and wired monitor would be preferred (so that the smartphone can be used for mapping apps, and so the monitor can be placed in a more desirable viewing position)
  • Tether to a smartphone for software updates or to download footage from SD card

I’ve tried using my V3 as a dash cam and it did not turn out that well haha. The main problem was when I turned off my car I lost the last like 30-45 seconds of video from the SD card. When I started my car though the camera started recording pretty quickly.

Plug the camera into a non-switched power source. In my truck, there is a switched “lighter” outlet that I plug my GPS into, and two non-switched accessory outlets. I have a cig lighter plug with four USB outlets that the cameras are plugged into.

BTW, keep that in mind if the car sits for a long time. Last year when I had COVID and did not drive for a while, the battery was too low to start the truck after five days. I had either two or three cameras running.

If you want a dash cam, get a real dash cam. One specifically designed for that function.

As was suggested…buy a Dash Cam that is designed for the job intended.

i haven’t tried it
but i figured it wouldn’t
maybe the outdoor one but without a screen probably not a good option

I use an actual dash cam. Once my wife started as a claims adjuster at Farmers 7 years ago we decided we both needed one. I just figured I would give the V3 a shot. I also just think that it would be cool if Wyze offered their own dash cam.


I just name my phones hotspot the same as my home WiFi and the cam connects after a moment to the phone in the car. Can then use app to view screen for positioning. I use 64GB Kingston SDs; they work great.

Here’s a test run a did a while back with a V2

Only used it a few times because I needed the cam at the house, but now I have a free cam (got more V3s), I might set it back up again. Considering a wider lense mod too, since it’s out of warranty :smiley:

Edit: I did edit this for speed, was just for proof of functionality testing.


Dash Cam & Heads-Up Display

I would like to see Wyze expand into vehicles.
Dash Cams and HUDs are 2 things people are constantly are in the market looking for, but if you want to go further, why not Tire (PSI) sensors, ODB computers?
And if you really want to explorer it all in 1 unit Car Stereos where it all integrates like a great INFOTAINMENT System…Just sayin

Wyze keep up the good work.

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Amazon sells a few that are within the price market that WYZE could compete with.
I’ve been hesitant to purchase one of these for fear that according to Murphy’s Law, as soon as I buy one, WYZE will release their own shortly afterwards.


By the way, one thing about those mirror dashcams is the design typically limits the aim, as the lens can only be turned a bit in any direction, while the mirror has to be aimed properly to function as it should.

I have one of them for the front of my car, but I’ll eventually be replacing or supplementing it to allow better aim for both the camera and mirror.

As to the Murphy’s law problem, no one says your vehicle has to have only one dashcam. I currently have 3: One looking forward, one in the rear window, and another on the dash for the cabin. I’m even considering adding two more (one for each side, mounted to a fixed window on either side at the rear).

I’ll also offer a bit of advice to Wyze (or anyone else releasing a dash cam): Don’t offer suction cup mounting as your only option. In my experience, suction cups suck (and not in a good way), and simply won’t stay mounted for an extended period of time.

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I would buy a Dash Cam made from the ground up…Go with the Big Boy’s in this field or buy from AliExpress which would be something from Wyze.

That’s for damn sure!