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Anyone having issues with Wyze? I have bought a dozen cameras v2 and one pancam. We had most of them taken off our property we do not live there and figured it was bound to happan. We were even able to catch a couple of photos of the thieves.
We really like these cameras
Right now we have 3 v2 running, we signed in for the extra services but it wants us to sign up again for the service for the cameras how do I Chang this?
I have tried every posable way to contact Wyze with no response.
I have also ordered twice for the V3 cameras and goes through the whole setup and purchase payment and then never getting a invoice or a email that they may be out or what not.
We love these cameras but it seems wyse has added more products then they can handle instead of helping the customers they have now

Welcome to the forums! Was one of the ways you contacted them through the phone? In my experience calling on the phone I have always gotten through. The most I have been on hold for was no more than 20 minutes. Do you have a support ticket number from when you have reached out? If you could reply in here with it, I can push it up the ladder and get it checked on for you.

Here is the phone number:
Wyze Support by phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


Was never able to find a number to call thank you I will try that now.

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V3’s are backordered, several threads.

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Email from Wyze customer support:
Wyze Ticket [916504] Re: order status

Dec 4, 2020, 2:45 PM PST

…Our sincerest apologies for the delay in the order’s shipment and that you haven’t got an update from us regarding your order. We have started shipping out the Wyze Cam V3 as soon as November kicked in, per batch (in the sequence they were ordered) and/or location of orders. We have an amount limit of pre-orders so that we can make sure all orders will be shipped on the promised month. Previous orders will be shipped within November. Recent pre-orders will be shipped in December. While newest pre-orders, going forward, will start shipping in January.

Once the January limit is reached, we will then change the shipping month in the app into February. This will continue every time the limit for the given month is reached.

As for your case, your order was placed on the week of 10/27 to 10/30 , it is expected to ship by week of 12/6. I wish I could do more for you to have your orders shipped immediately. Rest assured you’ll receive an email notification containing the tracking details as soon as your package is shipped so you can track your Camera’s journey to you…

The week of 12/6 has past and still no cameras or email notifications.

Update 2:
It’s all good now. I got a shipping email on 12/17 and the cameras arrived on 12/19. Thank you all for the help and suggestions!

Keep an eye on the pages linked below for updates, but it looks like orders from your date are estimated to ship this week.


Did you get an email from a few days ago about a shipping update? If you haven’t I’d suggest signing up for the newsletter to get updates that way to.

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I haven’t received any updates by email or in my account. I only get emails asking me to purchase Cam Plus or other new products. How do I sign up for newsletters or updates like you got?

From a web browser, go to wyze.com, click Log In (upper right), in the Account Information section you should see Newsletters.

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Thanks for the helpful replies! Hopefully, I’ll be getting updates and the newsletter now. :+1:

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If you download the latest Wyze app v2.16.23, you can now set individual preferences for specific types of Wyze communications. Wyze app Home > Account (lower right) > Notifications > Email notifications > Toggle On “Email Notifications” and select the types you’re interested in. Use the Wyze app back arrow in the upper left corner of the screen. If you use the Android back button, your preferences may not save.