Wyze Community Appreciation Day - Thank You

You aren’t wrong! :beaver:

Sure thing! I think that statistical analysis is important for good social planning. But a lot of the really meaty stuff probably falls under topics I’m not at liberty to discuss with the public. So I’ll leave it at statistical analysis being used to track the impact of changes to customer support, selecting features for our services, and more.

But I CAN talk more about the stuff I use community survey data for!

  • We were able to conclude that Reddit isn’t displaying our wikis and some other resources to folks well enough. We have a game plan to address some of this and make the maintained resources more visible on both old and new Reddit views.

  • I use the survey to assess problems with communities and with Wyze itself. I pass that feedback to the team. Support made a lot of changes and had a dramatic increase in positive sentiment since the last round.

  • I used the survey to help decide an AMA cadence for Reddit going forward.

  • I used the survey to assess sentiment around product families. And in this one, I checked on sentiment about specific services.

  • We have been having conversations about the impact of post approval in Core, if we should keep it, and if it’s providing value. The questions about that in this survey were pretty critical for community management in that platform.

There’s a lot more! But I hope this gave you a good view of some ways I use the data. :slightly_smiling_face:

I sure do!

Don’t badmouth my platform. There’s a difference in doing it in jest from the inside and bashing a platform you’re not in. I love my Core folks. :angry:

Though the forum is absolutely fabulous. :heart:


Thanks for the rundown, Gwendolyn! I can see how it’s giving you purchase. :+1:

Understood. :slight_smile:

Be well!


You’re welcome! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to talk about the survey stuff! I’ve been super excited about it. :grin:

Have a great week, peep! :wave:


Thank you Jason for your summaries. They are great and very much appreciated for this and yesterday’s AMA!!