Wyze Car Availability with Free Shipping for customers who couldn't buy one today all day!

I think we should all get an opportunity to buy, a Wyze Car with Free Shipping for customers who couldn’t buy one today all day!!! To be fair and we want the same delivery time in may!

Good luck on that. The way I read it, it was a one time 5,000 preorder. But, who knows? You are correct, shipping started at Free, then when to $17.99, then went to $9.99, so not sure what it will be? I’m sure it’ll be back in future as well. I’m waiting for Wyze Sense starter kit and sensors to come back, whenever that’ll be?


You may have a long wait for that…Wyze is only selling the new version 2 product, which is being sold only with a “trial subscription” to the new home monitoring service. So, if you really want the new sensors, they will cost an extra $5 for the first month of service.

That was only for the preorder. I believe they’ll be available to purchase without the home monitoring subscription after preorder units ship and regular orders start.


I hope you haven’t been holding your breath.