Wyze Candle

I love candles and have several different sets that are all controlled remotely, with a cheap bluetooth or IR controller. These candles look nice, but they all require a different controller (which is cheap, and easily lost or broken), and rechargeable batteries that don’t last very long.

My favorite candle is https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LWA41ME. The flame effect is very realistic.

I think it would be a huge hit if Wyze came out with a realistic candle that could be controlled from the same smartphone app, had longer integrated battery life, etc.

Something like Bond or Broadlink might work with your existing equipment. (Learns your remote codes and enables smart home automation.)

I love this idea but need it to be both indoor/outdoor friendly. I live in Arizona and in direct sunlight it can get to well over 130 degrees. I have already melted and warped other battery powered candles although they still continue to function. I would love to see the material used to withstand extreme temperatures.

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I’d like to see their current color changing bulb in a candle light format. All currently available bulbs only light up the top half of the candle which looks awful. Put a little more base on it to house the electronics and have a full candlelight of light. It would be an instant best-seller. It would use existing technology so it could be a quick design cycle. I have candles in all of our windows and I change the bulb colors for Valentines, St Patty’s, July 4th, Halloween, Christmas, and several sporting events. Would love to just change the color in an app or with Alexa.