Wyze Cam with IR Illuminator

So this is the difference with and without an IR Illuminator. Amazon purchase. Thought I’d share.

AUTENS IR Illuminator, 850nm 12-LEDs Wide Angle IP67 Waterproof Night Vision LED Array IR Infrared Light with Power Adapter for IP Camera CCTV Analogue Security Surveillance Camera (90 Degree) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07MG7J5LP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_eNAsFbCJE88PW


If you put it too close to your camera, you will have a lot of insects that will trigger the motion detector.


Nice detail. What does this additional light actually buy you when the "before* shot still shows the whole yard anyway?

I think it was not completely dark in the first picture.

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Oh don’t get me started…upload every 5 minutes for the last 4 months…

If you put it 5-6 feet away from the camera, that should solve the problem. Don’t forget to turn off the ir of the camera.


9:30 pm


Say no more. :wink:


$56 Canadian with 12v adapter

If you want a more even lighting instead of a big hotspot in the middle you can put a few layers of parchment paper over the IR flood to diffuse the light a bit. The IR flood I have is too bright and someone standing near it will have thier facial features blown out.


I wish with the IR on was not noticeable like one of the Wyze competitor

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As you said it is available through other camera systems I don’t know why Wyze chose not to use that option possibly because they don’t consider themselves a security company

Thanks for the upload. I’ve used an IR emitter for a long time and I found that you can place the emitter several feet from the camera and it still performs great and can light up a larger area. You can also throttle the power down a bit because it eliminate whitewashing of faces which makes them to bright to recognize.

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34.99 amazon usa

My camera is inside so I need to mount an illuminator outside to view night scenes. I see the Wyze Cam uses 940 nm LEDs. Is there an issue using 850 nm illuminators? Thanks!

My research says it uses 850. That’s what I’m using and it works great.

The first trigger I got on my outdoor cam was in the middle of the night. I’m watching and wondering what the hell is going on and I see this creature cover the lens. Big ass spider. It was creepy though!

Wait until they start spinning webs. You’ll end up with triggers ever 5 minutes…