Wyze cam V3 stuck on solid red light

I hear no sound at all from the camera. Only a random occasional click that sounds similar to when the IR switches on and off but more like it’s from the speaker rather than the actual visual components.

I’m going to look to see when I acquired the camera and see if it’s still in warranty. Thanks!

They just need the Order Number… whether it’s from Amazon or from Wyze directly. Not sure what they need if you got it from Home Depot or somewhere else. Good luck to you!

That’s what happened to mine. I had already moved card to another camera and reformatted it. The cam did the same thing as yours, although it wasn’t from new firmware.
Anyway, it was still under warranty so I got a replacement. If you do it through Amazon, they’ll have you take it to UPS to send back and then they’ll send you another one once they’ve gotten the old one. I did that and the new one I was sent was bad as well. So I called Wyze support directly. They emailed me instructions of what to do. I had to reply to that with a picture of the bottom of the cam, along with a copy of my receipt. They sent me out a new cam immediately and told me to recycle the bad one.

Awesome AnnWithAPlan!!! Mine was over 2 years old when it bricked, so there was no chance of me getting a replacement. So it sits in my hardware drawer waiting for a fix.

Wow. Yeah, my broken one is back in the box. Figured I’d save it for parts I guess. I want to get a couple of V2’s when they’re available, just for other parts of the chicken run that don’t need V3’s.

I rather like the V3, better night vision, and they have Sirens. I set up Rules when the V3 detect PEOPLE between 11pm and 7am on my property, it fires off the Siren on every V3 camera I have. I quit using the camera’s InfraRed light, bought stand alone IR lights that come on at dark and lights up 100 times better than the camera lights do, but you cannot tell they’re on. I live in rural East Texas on 10 acres and NOBODY should be on my property during that time. I’m retired widower, live alone, so I can do that!!!

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I like the V3’s better too. But I already have 4 of them in the chicken run/coops. 1 in each of the 2 coops and 1 on each side of the run that face different directions. I also have 3 more around the outsides of the house. I don’t want to spend anymore on cameras right now. I just want to cover more of the chicken run where my 94 yr old mother can get better vantage points when she watches from her Ipad out in Calif. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, that’s great on your lighting situation. I live alone as well (widow) in rural N.C. on just one acre that I rent, with a little house that was built in the 1930’s. I don’t get visitors here, except for family members. Nice bass there (can’t tell what it is from the tiny thumbnail, just assumed).

Actually, that’s a small yellowtail I caught off the shore down in the Yucatan, Mexico.

My sister has a vacation house down there, this is their backyard and my bro-in-law.

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Similar problem here. Everything was working beautifully for months. Then updated to and now a solid blue light when the camera is idle, then solid red light when motion is detected. I do not use a SIM card - I have cam plus. The camera does seem to detect motion and upload video to the cloud, but I never get notified anymore and, again, red light on the camera when motion is detected, then blue light at all other times. This is obviously a firmware issue.

Further to my post above, yes - I tried restarting, resetting, unplugging, rebooting, relogging into my account, and praying.

Praying never helps, I think that is your problem :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Jokes aside, the “stuck on solid red light” post name suggest totally different issue then what you are having. It is constantly red, no matter what. It never goes to blue and it’s usually a dead camera. Your issue is in the app settings. Check those as usually software updates revert back settings to default.

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Sorry to hear your camera stop sending events and notifications. Could you please direct message me a device log with your current event/notification settings? Thank you so much!

Hi guys, if you’re still having issues with the permanent red status light, try unplugging the camera, press and hold the RESET button and connect the camera while holding RESET. It should work now and should hear the “ready to connect” message. Cheers.

If only it were that easy to fix, you’d be a blooming genius!!! You might scroll up and read the post from IIW on July 19 that details what is going on, and the further discussions about reconfiguring the .product_config file. That discussion goes on in back and forth messages throughout July and August mainly between IIW and JeffB. We do appreciate your input, though, thanks!

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My Cam v3 is frozen with a solid red light. Can I please get some help?

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Then there’s this. Hmmm
Smart home cameras that will show on my Roku StreM bar ?

Hi sanperez,
Here is the Support information for Wyze (below). If your camera is 1 yr old or less, they’ll replace it with a new one. I would suggest getting them on the phone, let them walk you through some troubleshooting steps to determine if the camera is actually “bricked” or not.
Give us a call at (206) 339-9646 or 1 (581) 500-1166 (Canada) or you can chat with an agent or create a support ticket on our help center.
We’re open for support between 4 am - 8 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4pm PT Saturday and Sunday.

Hi rwolder,
Do you actually have a question about a V3 camera that has bricked with the solid red light on? Otherwise, this wouldn’t be the “ticket” to post or advertise anything about Roku. You probably need to provide a bit more information in your post if you are actually seeking help or advise.

I suspect a troll…

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