Wyze Cam V3 notifications through email or ftp


Would like to know if it is possible with Wyze Cam V3 to send notifications without the cloud, for example to configure the camera to send via email or ftp, a bit like Reolink does or do we have to use the cloud with Wyze Cam v3?

If it is not supported right now, are they thinking about it?


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This is strictly my opinion. Wyze is absolutely bound and determined to believe that the entire world revolves around phones and there is no need to support anything except phones. Despite years of requests, Wyze has done virtually nothing to support anything except phone app use, so don’t hold your breath for it.


The basic answer is no, Wyze cameras do not support email nor ftp. The V2 cameras, with the Dafang firmware, do both but there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent for the V3s.

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Thanks for answering I appreciate it. Hopefully one day they introduce a bit more flexibility for those looking to support their own “cloud” or different options like FTP and EMAIL.

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