Wyze cam v3 and Macrodroid

I’m wondering if I can turn off the camera from Macrodroid. I have a camera in the garage and an open/closed sensor from Smartlife. I can read notifications from Smartlife when the door is closed and want macrodroid to turn off the camera until the door is open.
Is it possible to do?

Let me call our resident MacroDroid expert in here… @SlabSlayer is this possible? I know it can access some limited things in the app, but am not sure the extent of it.

Yes, but NOT thru a direct command like you would have Alexa or the app do. MacroDroid can do things in the Wyze App, but only by automating the clicks you would do if you were doing it manually. MacroDroid can, however, send a command to Alexa to tell her to run a routine that will shut the cam off.

EDIT: I just went thru Alexa to try something and just realized there are NO Wyze Cam Actions. Not sure why that is or when that happened. But Alexa turning off the cam is out.

If the Smartlife sensor is Alexa compatible, you should be able to have her trigger on the sensor open\close and action the cam on\off.

If it is not compatible, it would work like this:

1. Smartlife Notification Received
2. MacroDroid recognizes notification and sends a push Webhook to Alexa (requires an additional Alexa Skill)
3. Alexa is triggered by received Webhook to execute routine that turns cam on\off
4. You would need one macro and routine combo for each.

If you don’t want to use Alexa, The easiest way is to create a Wyze shortcut rule that turns off the cam in the Wyze App so that the shortcut button is in the top bar.

When MacroDroid gets it’s trigger pulled for that macro (Smartlife Sensor Notification), it will open the Wyze App and automatically click exactly where you tell it to (both in x, y coordinates and matching button metadata subtext)

I have a macro that does this for me when I arrive home. It executes my Wyze Rule that mutes my cam notifications, shuts off my alarm siren Wyze Plugs, turns on my Wyze Lights, switches my Thermostat to Home, and also disarms my HMS Security System. All with one click.

I can help w\ details if you want to go this route:

Thx for the tag @carverofchoice :wink:


Sorry for the late response. I don’t have Cam plus. I record events on sd card with event only. I assume once the card gets full it will start overwriting again. Am I right?
I’m wondering if I should just disable notifications about camera events or turn off and on the camera in my case. how do I turn off/on notifications for Wyze app using Macrodroid?
I don’t really have a need for any assistants( google nor alexa).
Any other suggestions?

Yes. Once it reaches capacity, it will begin to overwrite the oldest video.

To disable cam notifications, you would be clicking the bell icon in the upper right of the Wyze app which will mute notifications for all devices. If you wanted to do this for just one device, you would do that in the Notification settings for that cam. You could also create a Shortcut Button Rule to do that that would appear at the top of the app. Rules can also be used to schedule on\off times for notifications or use geofencing to trigger on\off times.

The only way for MacroDroid to change the notifications settings would be to have it simulate the clicks necessary to do this: Screen On, Unlock Phone, Launch Wyze, UI Interaction x y coordinates click(s).