Wyze cam v2 sending data to Romania

My Firewall indicates that all 3 of the v2 cameras I have are trying to send data to Romania. All cams are on the latest FW updates. WHY can’t Wyze do a better job keeping our dara in the US, or at least North America?
I’m playing with the decision to turn off all my Wyze cameras - the Google-Nest and Ring cameras i have keep my data in the US.

I would be happy to send support screen shots from my cameras and my firewall device.


Please share the IP addresses it flagged and/or contact Wyze security.


Please reach out to Security@wyze.com

If this is an issue, they should be able to let you know


Just noticed today that one of my Wyze devices connects every few days to this Romanian IP .

Which version of Wyze App? ios or Android? version number?

That IP address is located in the US. " - Lookup information

here you can find all the gathered information whe could find about the public IP address We locate the IP address to the country United States.
The organisation with owned this IP address is M247 Ltd. We provide this information for free and for personal investigation purpose.", Findip-Address.Com

That web site states that IP is registered in Romania

Still Radio silence from Wyze?

I have no insight on the Wyze connection, but M247 is a very large UK based cloud server provider, so it wouldn’t necessarily be unusual for someone to have some services hosted on their NYC servers.

Just for reference, I have run into some M247 owned IP addresses before in connection with VPN servers that were also in NYC.

But, yes, M247 does have an office in Romania.