Wyze cam pan randomly restarts and doesn't reconnect for a long time

Hi All,

My wyze cam pan restarts at times and doesn’t reconnect for a long time ( 30-120 min) even if I unplug it myself and replug it back in to the power it does the same.

I have restarted the camera , my router and my access point. Everything is back on except the camera as far as I remember I had a 93% connection strength to my access point.

Why is this happening? How can I fix it ?


I’m assuming you did the latest updates …
If so the same happen to me with one of my pans and two V2s.
I had to move my MESH satellite in order for them to connect without buffing.
The signal strength doesn’t seem to make a difference…but the buffing does.
Before the updates they went from 100-165 KB/s …after the updates they when down to 0-100 KB/s. When dropping to 0KB/s it would take awaile to veiw the live feed…having to exit the app and try again for each cam!

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Sorry, had to check on my sister…
I’d try and move your access point or cam closer to each other and see if it makes any differance.
If not, I’d open up a ticket with Wyze support…

or…wait on other Wyze members to chime in.

Yes it has the latest update. My access point is 20 feet from the camera it’s extremely close

Do you have a SD card installed ?
Try removing it …safely ejecting microSD card.

if so, more here …

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