Wyze Cam Pan Firmware update

Just got notification for this updated firmware a few minutes ago. Anyone know what this update did? I tried to click “what’s new” but it was blank.

That’s cool I wonder what was in it. I don’t see any update for my V2.

My camera has a much more natural color temp now. It was yellow before and now it resembles the actual room much better.

That’s good news always great seeing them improving the camera for us.

Not sure if it’s just me but I have lost control of my cams automated schedule items, shortcuts and can’t manually turn off cam from the app. Physical power disconnect does nothing to reset.

Anybody else experiencing this?

Sent in ticket, waiting for response.

*****Update 1/16/19 11:32pm confirmed corrected, not firmware. Wyze slow server *****

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FYI, V2’s but sounds familiar.

I have reported this to Wyze. It may be awhile before they see the report, though. In the meantime, if anyone affected by this issue could “Report an Issue” (include log file) via the “Help & Feedback” page in the app, that would be extremely helpful to them. Thank you!

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