Wyze Cam Outdoor - View more than 30 Album videos

Upon checking album, you can only see 30 videos at a time as of the moment on the Wyze Cam Outdoor. Provide ability to see more than only 30 videos.

Opened based on response in [Wyze Ticket 2083469]:
When you have the Cam Outdoor in travel mode, then go to album, you can only see 30 videos at a time. You have to delete videos to see the next 30.

Thanks for reaching out to the Wyze Wizards Team. I understand you want to view more than 30 videos at a time on your camera. This is Jeffrey and I’ll be happy to assist you today.

Upon checking, you can only see 30 videos at a time as of the moment. No worries, I’ll let our product team know, but the best way to get ideas on our official Wishlist is through our forums where users can post and vote for feature requests. Our product team provides public updates as ideas and requests are reviewed. Take a look and post your idea or vote for similar ones so we have better visibility.

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Wondering if this restriction applies to Album regardless of cam type? :thinking:


Not sure. On my v3’s and Cam Pan I view the playback from the SD and not an album.
On the WCO I bought them for a hiking trip and through testing the setup discovered this.


I’ll run a few tests later today. Was wondering if time lapse videos and manual recordings located in Album for other cam types are also limited to 30.