Wyze Cam "Microsoft Windows" app

If it is Android only then there has to be an emulator in the picture somewhere. I am not following you here…

I am aware of using Bluestacks to run Android apps on a PC and it sucks. It’s a resource hog.

That demo is most likely running on some sort of a Linux back end. You can’t just install this app on Windows.

I am using it for my own cameras…So I can guarantee that it works without an additional Linux backend.

Yes, you need an android device to do the initial download and create the web server, but once you do that, it allows you to then check all your video feeds from any browser.

Oh ok. Well that is a good alternative if you have a webserver then. I am not really interested in building a server for three cameras and having it running all day. If the cameras had http and a simple web interface ability then I could VPN into my home and connect to them directly in a browser tab. An app for Windows I think was the ultimate goal for this topic.

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You don’t need to build a web server. The TinyCam servers act as the webserver for you. Once you download the app, and configure your cameras. TinyCam will act as your web server, creating essentially a proxy to the camera(s)…making them accessible from any browser. It solves your use case with a $4 investment, and less than 4 minutes of set up.


“You don’t need to build a web server. The TinyCam servers act as the webserver for you.”

Oh so this is a cloud solution then and you are using their servers? I just need an Android device for initial set up?

Yep. Precisely. I just discovered it today. It seems to be working well so far. Figured I would share with the crowd, since I know this is a long-standing feature request.

this may clear things up



The video was great thanks. However when you turn on webserver it provides a private IP link. I don’t see how plugging that into my web browser at work will let me see my cameras. I will still have to set up VPN or something I guess. I am sure the guy in the video was on his home wireless lan when he set it up.

Why don’t one of you geniuses take an open source android emulator and strip out every feature not needed for WYZE cam ? Would that overcome the resource problem ?


Anything similar to Tinycam Pro for iphone?


I also vote for a web app. Want it on my computer where I am working all day.

I can’t get Tinycam Pro to work. I get video in the Wyse app but not in Tinycam Pro which can “see” the cam but I can’t get video… yet

Same for me. Any ideas?

'Yes. But then they Couldnt keep the Low price. Ppl should be Happy with the Option to put on your Phone or Tablet. Something U take with U places. U dont carry your laptop or Computer Everywhere U go! Smh

I use tinycam pro also. You can see your cameras on a pc AND you can see multiple cameras at the same time.

I registered just so I can thank you. This is exactly what I needed! I was already using TinyCam Pro but was not aware of this option!


This topic is covered in the #roadmap post below. Please hop over there and VOTE for it (button at the top of the page). You must click the VOTE button for your vote to count. If you have further thoughts on this topic, that is also the place to post them.