Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro & Doorbell v2 Firmware Beta Test 2023/11/21

Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro:


What’s New:

  • Fixed an IoT offline issue
  • Fixed an Event tagging bug
  • Security improvements


Wyze Cam Doorbell v2:


What’s New:

  • Fixed the 5-minute recording and notification cooldown problem for people not using Cam Plus
  • Optimized the Wi-Fi reconnecting mechanism to improve connectivity
  • Fixed a detection zone saving bug
  • Security improvements

Updated one Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro to via the Single Cam Update within the Bulk Update UI.

Updated successfully, restarted, live streams without any noted issues.

Some clarification as to what specifically these fixed so we know what to test would be great. I have FLP on Beta and Production and can comparatively test if I knew where to look.


Was able to update 2 Floodlight pro and 1 doorbell v2 successfully. Will monitor and report any issues if any.

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I’m curious what cooldown problem this is referring to :thinking: I have only seen people complain about the VDBv2 cooldown in relation to button presses. People were upset that the button press had a cooldown of 5 minutes as well. Is this what was fixed? Or what it is it? It is hard to test if the firmware fixed a problem if we aren’t sure what the problem it is fixing is. Does anyone know?

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I’d like to know as well. A lot of people are upset about the cool down on this.

I did get a clarification on this elsewhere. I am told that it is about removing the button press cooldown and will be clarified in the public notes.

It appears the button press cooldown was an accident and not intentional since it’s not an issue with the other doorbells, so they are correcting it with this firmware update after it passes the beta testing process.


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