Wyze Cam Base Station DHCP Server?

That sounds great.

However, some of the problem will still end up being when it randomly puts itself into pairing mode. I have had this happen a few times, even though my DHCP server is working perfectly fine. Particularly if power in the house cycles (power outages) the base station may come back online, boot faster than the dhcp server, fail to get a DHCP address then sit in pairing mode forever until it is power cycled again. Then it fights with my DHCP server and hands out invalid leases on my network.

I think that it should only ever run a DHCP server in travel mode. Lets face it, this base station would never be a DHCP server for anyone’s network unless in travel mode.

In Pairing Mode, I could see maybe running a DHCP server on the wifi interface, with is own SSID for a user to connect to and configure the device. However, if an SSID is stored to be connected to it should not do this (I would think a hard reset and reconfigure would be the way to fix connecting to a new wifi network). While connected to ethernet though, there is never a good reason for this device to be a DHCP server (which is my use case).

Honestly, an option to disable the server or an option to assign a static ip address, then disable the server if a static address is assigned would also work imo.

Thanks for your attention to this, it is an extremely frustrating issue.



YES, I have the same exact issue. Had xfinity here for literally HOURS trying to figure out what the heck is going on. WHEN IS THE FIX COMING?

I started having the same issue a couple of weeks ago, out of nowhere. I spent many hours trying to figure out why all the devices in my house started to go on and offline. I thought it might be my router and replaced it. Same issue. Then I thought it was a bad switch so I replaced that. After searching the Internet, I was convinced that my network was being hacked. What else could it be?

Finally, I used an IP scanner to discover what device was residing at As soon as I turned the Base Station off, the problem went away. Setting up a VLAN and segregating traffic is out of the question. The beauty of this device was the simplicity of setup so that will be totally lost. Also, I imagine that most customers for the outdoor camera have flat networks from the cable company with no VLAN capability.

This slip up is totally irresponsible by Wyze and poses a real security risk to any network that it compromises. What a disappointment. I had such high praise for all of the Wyze devices I own and raved about it to everyone I know. Now I’ve lost that confidence. I’ve installed many of these at my business, for friends and for family member’s homes. After this fiasco, although I love the product, I’m forced to pull all the ones I installed and advising everyone I know who has them to do the same.


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Same issue, following