Wyze Cam Android App unreliable vs Tiny Cam Pro - can I get app error logs?

So I’m not here to bash Wyze. I have a Wyze Cam Pan and a few other brand IP cams. I really like the Wyze Cam Pan. But I need to know how to retrieve some logs from the Android Wyze app - I know that the Wyze app gathers logs that it can send Wyze for troubleshooting by their support, as does the camera (it dumps them to the MicroSD card, though). I want to retrieve the ones from the app myself, though, since that’s the sort of thing I do for a living - granted, on enterprise and carrier grade equipment, but still…

Several reasons why I’m focused on those app logs. The camera itself is not losing connection to the internet or my access points. I know this because…well, I do, I’m monitoring it with my network monitor and more simply - using two different phones - Tiny Cam Pro works fine basically forever on either phone - no loss of connection.

And actually, the Wyze Cam app itself works pretty well on one of my older phones, a Samsung S5 running a custom Nougat ROM. Not as well as Tiny Cam Pro, but close.

However, the phone I prefer to use, a ZTE Axon 7 running Nougat (basically stock, not even rooted), while it also works flawlessly with Tiny Cam Pro, it drops connection within minutes using the Wyze Cam App. And rarely recovers.

Otherwise, the phone works well for me - it’s a dual SIM gem of a phone that I really like and is a very solid performer for all sorts of radio based tasks - I typically don’t have wifi problems - and I live on my phone, whether for tethering, voice, text - whatever - I work almost 100% remotely, it’s my lifeline, so I have a feel for it’s stability.

My guess is that the Wyze app isn’t simply trying to retrieve data from the camera, it’s doing something else, too, perhaps cloud related, auth related, etc, and failing. I’m hoping the app logs could help me. Normal stuff like uninstalling, clearing cache, etc. - no change.

Does anyone know where those logs are stored, how I can retrieve them rather than simply sending them to Wyze, and if there are options to increase the level of logging if need be?

Thanks in advance.


In the Wyze app tap “My Account” > Help & feedback > Feedback. It will gather the logs in a zip and attach to an email addressed to Wyze support. Just send the email to yourself instead or save it as a draft so you can download the zip file and examine the logs.

The logs are encrypted. Sending them to yourself will not allow you to decode them.

Thanks, that’s a good idea. I was kind of hoping to find them in a folder (like android.data.com.hualai) so I could retrieve/display them quicker as I worked down the troubleshooting flowchart - but I can’t argue with your logic - it’ll do.


Encrypted. Dohh!

Top-secret null pointer exceptions…

Come to think of it I’ve saved the logs for later but never actually examined them.

You could always try Logcat. It should show lots of juicy debugging info unless Wyze is doing something to obfuscate things while the app is running.