Wyze Beta app. Shortcuts gone

Hello. I’m using the Wyze beta app. Noticed my four shortcuts are now gone. It says edit rules now where normally the shortcut icons used to be. Let’s me edit rules, but not shortcuts anymore. Anyone have any idea? Thanks for any info.

That’s what is being tested in beta right now
It’s best to post beta questions in the beta section

I’ve found similiar behavior… the first symptom was that my shortcut ordering was forcibly rearranged during last week’s outage. Once service was restored, I could no longer place shortcuts in the the order I prefer. This was all under the GA app.

Rejoined the beta to see if that would jostle caches or other things governing, and sure enough I was able to arrange shortcuts again. However, any that I had automated were converted into “schedules” and became unavailable as actual shortcut buttons. That’s pretty presumptuous to decide for me that I can no longer manually actuate something that I’ve also scheduled… :slight_smile:

Left the beta again to see if the GA app would now allow manual arrangement, and no dice. Unclear if something within the beta conversion process somehow tags automated items, but this makes things really confusing for my parents. I’d FINALLY gotten them into a groove about which shortcut to use at particular times of day / situations, and now they have been randomly shuffled.

Please give folks the choice about whether to convert automated shortcuts into “schedules” and let us keep things arranged as we see fit!