Wyze app RC Test 3/10/2022


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Well that shoots down that theory. :slight_smile:

Yep, same thing. It will find one outdoor camera, but not the other. It will sometimes label the cameras wrong too, labeling one as the other.
2.28 works fine.

Ok… I thought I was seeing things… I’ve seen that wrong labeling of cameras too

Seeing some very odd things in regards to Cam X licensing
I have the unlimited cam plus and have had legacy person detection / CPL since original offering

Wyze V2 Camera FW

  • Android: 2.29.0.b112
  • iOS: 2.29.0(22)

LOG ID for V2 and Android 497415
LOG ID for V2 and iOS 497417

On Android and a V2 camera I have CPL ON but the Camera thinks it is Cam Plus

On iOS More cameras that are on Cam Plus are showing up in CPL, but I have no person detection available in notifications. Nor is the Cam plus icon highlighted like on Android.

Regardless of how it is set… I am getting no Person detections on this camera.

I have tested the WCO, V3, Pan Cam V1&V2 switching from Cam Plus to Cam Plus Lite. All but the V2 seem to working as expected.

UPDATE: Also seeing the same issue on a V2 with FW and Android Production v2.28.2(111)
LOG ID 497445


Log Submitted: 497389
App Version: 2.29.0 (b112)
Cam v2 FW Version:

I was doing some performance testing for @Customer and notice that my Cam v2 on CPL is not sending notifications nor is it putting anything in the events area. I tested with Person, Person and All Motion, and even just all motion for both Detection and Notifications. I received no Alerts.

Note: My Cam v2, not on CPL, is notifying me as expected. It is using Cam Plus and is running the same FW as the one on Cam Plus Lite.

This testing I was doing is located here:


Android Testing Only

I can confirm I see the same thing as @R.Good. In addition, If you toggle off “Detects Person” in the Notification area, the Cam Plus Setting for Person Detection is also turned off. I do like this feature as you can then make changes easier and faster.

Further reviewing of this makes me believe this is set like this since Cam Plus Lite is part of the Cam Plus environment. I just tried to enable another Cam Plus option like Package and it would not let me set that option.


Confirming no Person Detection as well.


Very odd… I just switched a v2 that I had on the Basic Plan over to CPL with only Person Detection notification turned on… worked fine.

Android app: 2.29.0 (b112)
Cam v2 firmware:

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Will test it again tomorrow. With the new app, it is more difficult to modify or manage CPL.

EDIT - So not sure why, but I just tested and received a notification. Maybe I did not wait the full 5 minutes between notifications. All I need is 1 timing to augment my speed test. :slight_smile: . I did redo the settings, so maybe something was not set properly.

Thanks for checking

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I just tested again… same behavior, no notifications.
I also have 2 V2s and a WCO that show up in Cam Plus Lite that have Cam Plus licenses assigned to them
This is on iOS 2.29.0(a22) only

Android 2.29.0.b112 shows the proper licensing


Not sure what the difference is. On both iOS and Android, my CPL Service shows the same camera’s. In addition, I cannot add any that is part of Cam Plus and vice versa.


Same here… iOS and Android show the same thing. I’m wondering if either there’s a bug for cams that were automaticaly transitioned or maybe there’s an AI settings bug when you manually move a CP cam to CPL. I moved a Basic Cam (no plan) to CPL for my test. I’ll try moving a CP cam to CPL tomorrow and retest. Was gone for 1.5 days and am backed up with other work until tomorrow afternoon.

I’m just catching up but as a point of information my cameras were automatically rolled from legacy person detection into Lite and I haven’t touched any app settings. PD and person announcements have mostly continued working (temporary dead camera notwithstanding).


Mine is working as well now. I may have had something configured wrong. :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting this issue. Could you please send us a log about the iOS CPL licenses issue, and we will investigate it. @Xchen

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For the V2 no CPL notification issue. Do you mind re-assigning the CPL license and power cycling it, and then retesting it again? Also, is V2 the only camera not having the person notification on iOS 2.29.0(a22), everything else, like Pan or V3 works fine?

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Quick Question, do you know of notification delays when it comes to camera’s on CPL. I was doing some testing for a community member and found that the v2 on CPL seems to notify in about 20 seconds but CamPlus will notify in about 5 seconds for Cam V3 and 11 seconds for Cam v2. Here is the link to my tests:

This one

and This one


Sent logs at identification. See below

Happy to I will update once I have completed

It only appeared to be the V2 in my case. But I also started seeing notifications last night on the V2 so I will retest.


Thank you for testing it. I will check with the CPL team about the current notification delay time and see if we can improve it.