Wyze app options for setting siren duration and volume level

Could we set the duration and potentially the volume of the siren on cams that have a siren feature? Right now they are preset and can not be changed. Doing this it cold allow user to set it to be less intrusive in the case it is not being used as a deterrent but as a “chime” to inform of a movement in a certain zone like when someone is entering the room. If the sound cold be customized it would be even better.

Thank you.

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I agree changing siren volume (& possibly tone) is needed. I used it on a raccoon that won’t stay out of my cat’s food. He just turned around, glanced at where sound was coming from & then went back to eating. I’m feeding a stray cat & trying to find him a home. Was really hoping Wyze siren would help, but no luck.