Wyze app hotfix - Released 8/3/2023

I noticed a bug that crept in with the latest release, and was not fixed in the hotfix either for Android.
While on the Cam+ events screen with ONE camera selected in the list, I scroll down and pick a video to watch, lets say 4:33 p.m. After I watch it and go back to the list and scroll down to say 3:35 p.m. (several screens down) and watch that video, I return to the event lists screen and it puts me back at 4:33 p.m. again, not 3:35 p.m. It used to return you to the video you had selected previous. Can anyone confirm this on an Android phone with the latest hotfix (2.44.1 (326))?
Thanks so very much!


It’s a known issue.

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As Seapup said, it is a known issue. However, I can confirm it on my Moto Edge.


I am still having this issue as well. The Event page is blank when first coming to the app. Also, when clicking on an event notification, the app used to go to the event. For a while now it goes to the live camera feed. Usually the person etc that caused the event is gone from the live feed by then.

Wyze is working on a fix. Which iOS/iPadOS version are you running?

16.6 on both iPhone and iPad

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Thank you for the info. :+1:

Thanks, Seapup, I guess it needs to be on Fix-it Friday list?

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Thank you Seapup

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I know Wyze is working on a fix, but I’ll add it to Fix-It Friday anyway.

Edit: Issue added to: Fix-It Friday 8/4/2023 - #12 by Seapup

Some cameras in a group still show “device is offline” when I open the group

And also Im still experiencing this bug in the events tab , when I view an event from a specific camera the first 5 seconds are ALWAYS skipped. Been reporting this for months now and theirs still no fix…

I found saying to be true for me can’t go back to where I left off, pain in the butt