Wyze app failing to run on iPad 2nd gen

Same issue on an iPad 3.1 iOS 9.3.5, app version 4 (2.17.21). The crash log says if failed to load CallKit. The parent process is launchd. I can send the crash log if needed.

Is there away to get the previous app version?

tried the same but it diddn’t work either. hopefull wyze does a fix soon.

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Having same problem on Ipad 2nd Gen IOS 9.36. App won’t start. Tried restoring app from backup but the backup app didn’t support Wyze V3.

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I am experiencing the same issue. Tried everything suggested including powering down camera but no change. Really need a fix for this or Wyze to declare my iPad is too old so I can buy some other monitoring device.

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My old iPad also crashes on starting the updated app. I don’t want to purchase another device to just view my Wyze cameras. I wish I had not updated the app.


I just did a 45 minute chat and they admitted that the APP has issues with the older apps and that a update is coming…


@keuka420 Unfortunately old hardware eventually dies. That is because they are no longer able to update the iOS which a large part is security software. The iPad 2 is not even supported by Apple after Sept 2016. I think you got a lot of use out of a ten year old device which was released in March of 2011. I too was using the iPad 2 as a monitor but understand that it has reached it time.

Just did a 45 minute chat and one of thier engineers said an update is coming to fix.

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Well thank you for letting me know my device is out of date but I had a couple of reasons for making my post. First I wanted to add my voice to others to let Wyze know that there are people out here that are still using old iPads. That knowledge may help them make the decision to update their software. After all it was working perfectly before this last update. Secondly if a company advertisers that a specific product can be used with their hardware and software they need to either live up to that or they need to change their requirements. If I can’t depend upon what they publish why would I go out and buy something that may or may not work? As a consumer I must be able to reply upon what Wyze promises. I like Wyze’s dedication to their consumers and only want to help them stay successful. As for my trusty old iPad it will not be retired. It may not be used as a monitor for Wyze but it still can be useful.

It’s time to move to a new camera manufacturer if Wyze will not live up to their PUBLISHED compatibility. The latest update clearly said that you could use in iPad 9.xxx software version. At least give us an option to go back and load the previous app so we can use our old machines.

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Do you know when the Wyze app will be coming to fix this nonsense?

Time frame?

Did they share the timeframe for new version of iOS app?

Im not a psychic… you can do a chat with them too and ask…

One of the main reasons that any software is updated is so the the latest security upgrades can be applied. The hardware needs to meet the demand of the software. Unfortunately more and more people are trying to obtain our information everyday. Not even Apple can get newer firmware into the old iPad. If there is anyone to complain to it is Apple. They stopped doing iOS updates 5 years ago (9-12-2016) to the iPad 2. If they could put ver 12.xxx, we would be fine, but even the manufacturer says it’s not do-able. When Wyze put out their updated software a few weeks ago, they found that older devices didn’t have the capability to accept the new firmware. From a broader perspective, it is not safe to run any older device that is connected to the Internet. Certainly don’t do any online banking or confidential communication. That goes for any unsupported cell phone or computer. You are just asking for problems.

You are absolutely correct but you have no idea how I use my old iPad. You are making assumptions and and I’m not interested in your opinion. I don’t know why you chose me to school about the use of outdated equipment and software. There are plenty of other people in this forum using an old iPad as a monitor for their Wyze camera. You have my permission to chat with someone else. You are not helping me and I will complain if you keep bothering me. If Wyze has decided that it will no longer be able to provide software and/or firmware necessary to us the iPad2 I would like to hear it from them - not you.

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please don’t take offense to my comment which was directed to pmhiker not to you. Sorry if you take it as bad.

For those of us who would like to continue to use, rather than dispose of, our older iPads I am hoping that if a fix to the latest version isn’t feasible that Wyze at least make a version available that will work on older iOS platforms. Sadly, that might be impossible due to App Store requirements. We’ll have to wait and see.


Thank you for the clarification. Have a good evening.