Wyze App 2.22 Released - 7/12/21

Hi, everyone!

Sorry I missed the launch time for this one. Wyze app 2.22 has released for Android and iOS! Here’s the info for you:

2.22.21 (both Android and iOS)

  • Improved the Message Center
  • Added an SMS option for Wyze News and Promos
  • Optimized Device List UI
  • Added Wyze Watch 44 and 47mm to the bulk firmware update page
  • Optimized Wyze Floor Lamp setup logic and Device tab UI
  • Security improvements
  • Bug fixes

Read our Release Notes here:


Installed it. Android version appears to have turned off my In-App Notifications (New Products & Details; News & Updates), but I turned them back on. We’ll see if it stays on this time (this seems to be a persistent bug over many, many updates)

Definitely want those notifications on for tomorrows new product launches that were implied in social media. I’m guessing one of them is the Wyze Buds that were supposed to launch last month and never did…but your social media accounts said something about products plural, so I am hoping there are more too! :slight_smile:


Got the email, went to Play store. Went to Wyze app. No update available. The version on Play store is:
Current Version
…and says it was update July 12, 2021

So you’re telling us to update to 2.22 and giving us a link, but it’s 2.21 … a bit confusing.

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Glad to see Wyze is starting to implement SMS. Not interested in promo SMS, but push notifications via SMS would be gr8! I have been redirecting Wyze notifications that I am really interested in to SMS for years.


Why is Wyze sending emails to update to 2.22 when the play store is only showing 2.21.27?

I have Android 8.

Go into your play store app on your phone, Find “My apps and games” and check for updates. For some reason I think the Play store is showing 2.21.7 as the current version, but if you let it update you’ll get 2.22.21
I just did this on my phone.

This happens quite often , it will show the current version in the play store but if you go ahead and update you will find the updated version , everyone should always keep this in mind


Also, it sometimes takes a bit to be approved by the app stores after Wyze sends it. And even after it is approved and put on line, your store app may still not show it. Take my apple store as a for instance – it shows me a cached version of what apps need updating. To freshen it, I have to pull down on the list.


Will the upcoming firmware updates include the Matter integration?

No, they previously said in an AMA that Matter won’t be ready until 2022. They also believe it will require new hardware and that current products probably will not be compatible with Matter.

Well since I upgraded my Samsung Tab A (And. v11) to 2.22.21 it keeps:
Not bringing up 4 individual cams in portrait mode, giving error code 20. If I tap on any one of the 4 sub-windows it will usually get video data immediately. Then I can use the back arrow and it will bring up the 4 sub-windows OK.

But then it will often “crash” back to the Android Home screen in about a minute.
My Samsung Galaxy A20 w/ v2.22.12 doesn’t have problems doing the group view or crashing.
The Tab A had been running fine with the group view until the upgrade.

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SMS for Wyze News and Promo.

I do not want any spams . My cell plan is on the low end… how to disable.

It should be disabled by default, but the setting is at Account tab > Notifications > Text Notifications.

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And yet we still don’t have the option to turn the mic off. These cameras are worthless until that glaring privacy issue is remedied.

Thx…Found it.

How come no SMS Notification? For Motion or Human detect?

If you read elsewhere on the board

Wait, they added SMS texting, but not for anything anyone would want, or has been waiting 3 years for?

Hi, I was away on a camping trip and just saw the note to update my firmware by today. I just tried it and it fails. Is there another way to update?

Yes it’s linked in the first post in this thread.