Wireless/Battery Operated Cams

Any change of getting wireless cams? Also I agree that we need a computer app option. I work in a lab and we do not get great cell service so it would be nice to long onto a computer to check on things. In addition I would also like to get different notifications for the app. I would like to use it as a type of alarm system as well and a louder notification sound would be nice. Thank you! Love my cam!

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The upcoming outdoor camera will be wireless and there’s no reason you couldn’t use it indoors. It’s not much bigger than a V2.

There are existing alarm and siren topics already on the #wishlist.

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It would be great if there was a Wyze Cam that worked solely on batteries. For example, the Amazon Blink cameras works on two double A batteries which are good for about a year.
Let’s face it, wires can be an inconvenience, especially if there isn’t a plug/outlet where we would like to set up the camera. It would be fantastic if we can just pick the Wyze cam up & place it anywhere we’d like.

Welcome to the community! I merged your post here. There is a wireless outdoor camera in development that should be battery powered.