Windows 10 in 2020 will receive support for network cameras

Will Wyze get the Windows 2020 network support ?
How-To Geek: Windows 10 Is Getting Built-In Support for Network Cameras.


Looks like only a version of ONVIF is supported as of now in the early builds, which Wyze cams are not. Nice idea though! Will have to keep an eye to see where windows takes this.

Wayze engineering needs to make sure the Wayze cameras are compatible with the upcoming windows 10 update . If they let it slip other cameras companies gain more market share

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You can vote for it here:

Agree, Windows users will demand that this works. I’m hoping Wyze is on top of this feature … and will take steps to insure compliance with Windows. Although, I gotta admit, I have no idea what this all means … and what Wyze would need to do. That’s why I pay Wyze the big bucks … hoping Wyze Cam V3 can include it!