Will Wyze make this Camera 🤣

Who needs a Siren when you can trigger a claymore :grin:


Would you have to repaint?

I haven’t lit off a claymore in a while, but I hate to paint.

The recoil would likely damage the siding, so more than just paint required…
But I like it…


Based on some of the newer issues posted on the forum I think WYZE may have done more damage than the claymore. :rofl:

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I just want to know if you properly aimed that with a ball point pen?

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Instructions unclear: I used too many claymores but I can now confirm that the tree or cloud shadow that triggered the motion event was effectively neutralized as the overwhelming amount of shrapnel blotted out the sun and they fought in shade. I now name this device “shadow slayer.”

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Wow. Not many people can say that.