Why no Black?

No black because Wyze doesn’t make the camera shell, it’s made by another company for another camera, it’s licensed hardware.

I think I’ll order some matte black modeling paint for my wyze cams.

"No black because Wyze doesn’t make the camera shell, it’s made by another company for another camera,"

If that’s true then what company makes the other camera?


"Keep in mind that every individual SKU you have to build, stock, and ship adds to the cost for the entire line. "
Keep in mind that every individual SKU that you sell, adds to the profit for the entire line.

Many people feel that white plastic just looks cheap. I guess to each their own, but many people that I’ve asked about this said that the black versions would probably outsell the white version, which is true of other camera vendors.

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I think the hardware inside is different.

Of course the Wyze app is different.

Keep in mind that every individual SKU that you sell, adds to the profit for the entire line.

Yup, generally when the customers pay more, you make more profit. I run two businesses, I might have a handle on that. And we also limit customer choice because giving more choice will cost THEM more money.

I think black plastic looks cheap, but don’t have a major issue with either. My existing home cams are white, off white, and black. Oh, and a cream and gray one.




Xiaomi Small Square Smart Camera White: full specifications, photo | XIAOMI-MI.com"



Is this the same Xiaomi from China that has been suspected of “secretly” stealing users’ information from their cell phones?

Are you talking about ZTE ?

Xiaomi’s phones are very popular in China & India.

Xiaomi also makes TV, smart things, …

Ah I see you found another company that makes a look alike, I seen just another company last night called ismartalarm, but may just either be another company with their own models , copying models, or have a contract and allowed to make them. Thing is they are more on cost and was nice to see a black camera.



Even though I understand what Carlos was explaining, one has to know each person need is always going to be different on whether they need white, black, or another color, each surrounding whether indoors or outdoors is always going to be different on what is needed. If one does not sell that color, one can always improvise.

Wow! Very expensive!

Cloud storage is much worse than Wyze’s :

Free Cloud Recording - Up to 30 ten second clips (after that, they will automatically overwrite, first in first out)

I haven’t done this myself, but there is a Rust-Oleum paint made for plastic. It is available in Black. Of course, be sure to tape the lens and any holes adequately. This would probably void the warranty, but hey - $20.


This “void the warranty” stuff is way overblown. The Magnusson-Moss Act, and various court and FTC rulings since then, show that it’s pretty hard to void a warranty. The vendor has to clearly show that you did something RELATED TO THE PROBLEM. For example, I have a lifted Jeep, under warranty. Some people told me I voided the warranty by lifting it. No, not even close. If I went in for something directly related to the lift, they would say “no,” as they should. But I had an axle problem and there was never any question it was covered. You can even open the device and look, despite the stickers saying “WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED.” They have ZERO legal standing.

The tip for the Rust-Oleum paint is good, but don’t mask the assembled body.

It’s clear from the teardown pictures that there are only two screws holding the camera together. With care one can disassemble and paint.

Just be sure to tape off the areas where the body slides together or joins so that you don’t have fitment issues, and of course keep the paint off of the inside parts.

Check out the teardown pics.


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Wow great link @Oggnoggete! Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

How did matte black paint work out?

Ugh this new forum is horrible on my iPad.

In regards to your question, I never got around to painting my wyze cams, and I’m glad because the new black ones will be here to purchase in a few days :grinning:

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Me too!
Need one to hide in an outdoor eve!

I hope they start selling @ 12:01 am est. FRi.!

I’m not much of a black Fri. Shopper!

See this:

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Any skin or tape can affect heat-dissipation and seems kludgy, Native black for the pan model is on my wishlist, and window reflections are the main reason for it.

What an odd thread.

Answer: a can of black spray paint.

That’s no simple thing in the details, though. You have to make sure no paint gets into the interior surfaces like the pan cam pivot gap and air vents. Also, you’d have to sand the smooth plastic to do it right.

I’d try a black marker before paint; thinner layer for heat-dissipation, but not as uniform. I did that as a test on a white basic cam, just the front face. The glare went away but it looked ghetto. Sharpie ink was mostly wiped off with alcohol.