Why is wyze not giving me a return label after a week of trying to contact them?

I’ve been trying to contact wyze for a whole week about my return label. All they say is they will talk to their orders team and the orders team will contact me with in 24 hours. It’s been a week. And I’ve been contacting every single day. It says 30 day free returns and yet they don’t want to give me the return label? Legally if a company doesn’t follow their own policy you can sue but I’d rather not.

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Sorry to hear of your issues. Just so I am clear. You ordered a Wyze device from the Wyze website, you are having an issue with it or no longer want it, and contacted Wyze support.

Did Wyze support tell you they would give you a return label or just that the orders team would contact you?

Can you post your Wyze Support ticket number here please. If you have multiple ticket numbers please provide all ticket numbers. I will see if I can get this escalated for you.

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Hi yes I ordered items from wyze website and the items arrived. I no longer want the items and contacted wyze. They said they would contact the orders team and that the orders team would contact me back within 24 hours. Here are some tickets I’ve opened.

3588637 3584268 3589173

My most recent ticket is this one,

3592032, this time they said they would send me an email with some questions and for me to answer. The questions is just some information required for the return label. I’ve already sent the information they asked for and Nothing.

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Open a dispute with your credit card company. Wyze is obnoxious for bad customer service

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