Wyze Customer Service is severely lacking

I am new to Wyze but I have had a terrible experience with their customer service. I have been handed off no less than 5 times over 5 days to representatives who have been given no information about my case. I’m simply trying to return two light sockets that I can’t use. They keep sending me an email with an attached return label, but there is no attachment. My gmail account has never had an issue receiving PDF attachments (which is what they are sending). I have been stuck in Ground Hog’s Day for a week as I have to start over with a different rep every day and they never address the problem. I try answering back and I get a different rep the following day. Meanwhile, my return window is closing, Yesterday I spent 52 minutes on the phone with someone in another country. All to no avail. I am stunned at the lack of support by this company. If anyone an alternate suggestion to get a hold of a capable person, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.

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Hello @RGP500 can I get one of your ticket numbers from when you contacted support?


Yes, but it won’t matter. Each day I’m handed off to a new “support” person who says they can’t see any notes in the ticket. It is a circular problem the likes of which I have not experienced before. Thank you though, here it is. Wyze Ticket 3705723] Re: Orders | Return request]


Hi @RGP500, I just want to verify that you have received the return label.


Jason, thank you for your follow up. Yes, it took some doing, but I have received the label. I think if the company process of constantly being “handed off” to another customer service person weren’t in place, issues like this would be cleared up sooner. In addition, service ticket numbers didn’t show the new rep in the process what the issue was. This meant starting from scratch with every support person. Hopefully, the process will eventually be improved.