WHM Setup Instructions could be better

I think this is the correct place for this, but someone please let me know if it isn’t. I just received the Home Monitoring Starter kit and I noticed that the setup instructions in the app could be better for people like me that were wanting a little more info. After installing it I now understand its not rocket science, but I wanted it to be perfect and had some questions I couldn’t find answers for while setting it up.

The app installing instructions does a good job of explaining how to turn on each sensor and how to pair it with the hub, but it is lacking on the actual placement of the sensors and how to install them. For instance, the keypad comes with an adhesive on the back of it so you can just stick it to the wall, or it has a mounting plate that you can screw to the wall and then the keypad will connect to that plate. I wanted to use the mounting plate so I got out the included dry wall anchors. However, there was no mention in the app of installing the mounting plate. So, I figured out the holes on my own, but I wanted to know what size the drywall anchors were and how big of a drill bit I need to use for those. I couldn’t find that info anywhere in the app or on the website.

Then when it came to the sensors, they just had a few pictures in the app that talked about how to pair them, but there wan’t any good detailed pictures for how they should be oriented when installed. On my first door sensor I installed the bigger piece on the door frame with the writing the right way up, and then realize that the other sensor didn’t line up correctly on that side. So, I had to quickly pry it off the door frame and turn it upsdide down so that the marking on the two sensor pieces lined up correctly.

So, it was just little things like that. I feel like they could add to those instructions to help new installers out a little better.

Just my .02 in case anyone from Wyze is reading the forums!!

I’m very happy with the product though…just some constructive criticism!!


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