What type of Bird is this?


Nice capture!

The Camera is setup for viewing hummingbirds on a window mounted feeder,

I have the V3 Cam attached to the other side of the window with small strips of velcro (cheaper than the 10 dollar option from Wyze ( Window Mount for Wyze Cam v3 )

I wish the hummingbird feeder and hummingbirds were in focus more than the hill behind the house.

With all the footage I get on my cameras, I was very lucky to have seen this and create a quick snapshot of the falcon.

Posted: 06-12-2021
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What a great picture. Could be a post card, for those of you who remember those. :slight_smile:

Love the snapshot great catch!

Great shot!!
I think it is a buteo since it has short rounded wings. Falcons have long pointed wings

Helo Cooldood, thanks for the feedback, I was going with what my neighbor thought this was.

Upon visiting this page: Identification Keys and Tips - Common (Buteo) Hawks
I think you are correct, in that it is a Buteo (i’d never heard of that word before now)

But, what type of Buteo do you think this is? I at first thought it was Ferruginous Hawk, but this page states:

Other Identification Keys: Ferruginous Hawks have fully feathered legs, all the way down to their feet.

I’ve a better close up of our visitor just posted at:

What type of hawk do you think this is?


Definitely not a Ferruginous. They do not have banded tails. If I were to guess it is a a broad winged hawk. They are usually near riparian forests ( river and streams).