What SD cards are you using? have you had any issues?

As most of us know from time to time you will read about someone having an issue with the micro SD card in their camera, just a quick search for SD card in the forums will make this abundantly clear. most of these issues are not due to the camera or the software, but the card itself.

Because of the abundance of options for cards on the market it is sometimes hard to find the best option when all of them seem to be the same for the most part. I wanted to make this post so that the Wyze community can voice their experiences with cards they have and if the experience was good or bad. some cards just aren’t made for continuous re-writes and reads. maybe there is a pattern in all this madness that together we can find and expose what cards are good and what cards are lackluster to help better the community and the use of our amazing Wyzecams.

let us know what you are using ( if indeed you are using a card) and if you have had any issues with that card. errors, bad playback etc…

I am using the Samsung PRO Endurance 32GB cards in my cameras. I do so because they are made and certified for continuous use. its the endurance factor that you need for use in cameras like ours. I haven’t had ANY issues at all.


I have a Cam Pan with a Silicon Power 64Gb Class X card. It has been running fine for almost a week now. Playback seems to be acceptable so far. I’m planning on leaving the card in place without having to remove it.

I’ve ordered a second Cam Pan and have an identical second SD card to be installed as well. The second card will be exposed to a more harsh environment as the camera will be an outdoor mounted unit under a covered patio. I’ll try to remember to provide updates on this as they warrant.


SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I card with Adapter - 98MB/s U1 A1 - SDSQUAR-032G-GN6MA.

Have yet to have an issue with this brand in any hardware. Reason enough to stick with this company since the CF card days when 512mb was “big” storage. +36 SD cards in cameras. The microSD cards in other products. So far, no issue in the WYZE cam. Above purchased from AMZ for $7.41.

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+1 on Samsung PRO Endurance.

I did the math and for this camera and the bitrate for writing files, I rate the 32GB Samsung PRO Endurance card at theoretical minimum 27 years lifespan when installed in a Wyze cam. The point being that it is rated for endurance and the specs are very clear about what that means.


Hey @kimcheese2017 I don’t like the sandisk because I’ve managed to fry 3 of them. . after figuring out it just might be the cards I was using I jumped into researching cards and their limitations. one thing I found over and over was that Sandisk was widely known for failing when used with things that did constant writing. I had them fail in a dashcam. I eventually found transcend which is in the higher end of the spectrum for cards and haven’t had or read about a single issue with those cards. because I had a spare one laying around I have 1 transcend card in one of my V2’s all the others use the Samsung pro endurance. keep in mind that I am in no way trying to bash your choice, but because of my multiple failures of those cards I want to make people aware. With dashcams writing at high resolution they are more atthe extreme capabilities of cards, so this might very well not apply to our cameras. but if you do have issues keep this post in mind and let us know how it goes.


Thanks Bam. Good to know for future purchase and use. Right now just event recording.


Pan or v2 cam? Unsure if there are any differences in the two regarding recording. Any issues with using the 128GB card? Would be nice to continuous record for ~2 weeks.

V2. No issues using 128GB card.

Micro Center 32GB SDHC Class 10 Flash Memory Card (Under $6 on sale).

I have seven cameras. Works well. I did have to format one I had outside once.

I have six cameras for the moment and I’m using G.Skill 32GB microSDHC UHS-I/U1 Class 10.
Real happy so far no issues encountered yet. I usually buy them at bulk at newegg.com for 3-pack for $12.99.

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When I formatted a Sandisk SD card in my Wyze cam it corrupted the disk. I formatted another Sandisk card externally, and it works fine. Wyze did destroy one of my disks.

Excerpted from https://www.sandisk.com/about/legal/warranty/warranty-united-states, it appears the ONLY SanDisk card warrantied for use in security cams are the “high endurance” cards.

… it appears the warranty for the ‘high endurance” cards are 2 years…
SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring microSDHC/microSDXC Card 2 (years)


Good reasons to use Bam’s choice. Checked up on some other than AMZ reviews. Seems like the Samsung Pro Endurance are designed for years of multi-overwrites. So far, no issues with the Sandisks being used. But they are new cards. Will be switching over to ProEndurance model of Samsung.

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I looked up Samsung’s warranty, which appears to be…


Interesting in the warranty differences. Noticed at the AMZ site for the 32GB card the (**5 years). Wonder what the actual number of overwrites the cards are designed for? Reason why the 128GB have a longer warranty? Basically the Samsung and Sandisk cards designed for continuous recordings are on paper similar in regards to durability. Maybe card issues are not only brand, but type and design use?

I’m using a SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Class 10 , Seems to be working fine after I formatted it.

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Kingston class 10 32G SD card

I have two cameras that have been set to Record-on-event for three months and I haven’t experienced any instability of the SD card file system. I’ve been reformatting them in the camera about every three weeks and only once have I let a card fill completely and delete oldest events to make room for more (as designed) - no problems.

[added 8 days later]

Again, let the same card fill completely and delete old events as noted above (this time for about three days). On the third day events were no longer being recorded to the card.

Browsing around in Playback, the older stuff was still there but the app lost its (ahem) repeatedly when browsing, each time setting the timeline date to Dec 31 1969 - exactly 136 days after the close of the Woodstock Music & Art Fair!

Reformatted card in camera and recording has resumed without issue so far. Peace. :peace_symbol:

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Thanks for this info…