What is the purpose of the Base Station on the Wyze Outdoor Camera?

Is it to extend range? Just to sell another product? Since the cameras are wifi, why the need of the base station.

I know the limitations of this particular camera, based on comments by others. But I still have a few questions.

  • Can the camera do any local recording, or events, when not connected to base station? Say I’m out in the mountains and park my Jeep. Can I hide one in the bushes and get video of anyone who takes something from my Jeep. Wouldn’t be near wifi and won’t have base station.

  • What is the longest video one can make with these, assuming there is motion? Apparently these won’t record, unless there is motion. Correct?

  • Using the base station, does this integrate with the Wize app, just like my other V3 cameras? I mean can I set rules, etc, for the camera video detections?

  • I see they have a camo version, with the starter kit. But I don’t see any camera ad-ons in camo. How does one get other camo cameras?

I guess i could just use one of my V3 for everything I want to do, by simply adding an external battery, but what they heck.

You can find most of the answers here. You can probably use the travel mode out in the bushes.