What I spent yesterday doing

I spent most of yesterday working to make this clip possible.

This is just the last 45 seconds or so of the professional fireworks show that I crew on every year. I recorded the show on two Wyze V2 cameras from about 75 feet from the firing pits. One camera was pointed almost straight up, and the other was looking at the activity in the firing pits. I had a third camera out there that was looking more from the direction that the audience would be seeing it, but from only about 15 feet from the closest mortar tubes, but unfortunately, I inadvertently did not turn on the USB battery pack that was powering it, so the camera was never turned on - damn! BTW, ignore the timestamp. Because the camera was powered up and never connected to the internet, the clock was wrong…

The forum would not let me upload it, so here is a link to the file (I hope)…



Very cool

Nicely done.

Thank you both.


Looks awesome! Can you send the video to wow@wyzecam.com? We may share this next 4th of July.