What happens when you get an alert from an outbuilding at night - can you hear it on your phone?

This thread is useful, too. Android seems to have some limitations baked-in to its “instant-alert” capabilities on a sleeping phone:

/edit Whoops, you have an iPhone. Anyone know if it suffers from the same limitations?

Does anyone know a way to turn on notifications at night for only certain apps? I have my iOS setup to not sound notifications at night. There is a family work around for phone calls from select people but I don’t know of a way to do that for certain apps.

DND does not currently allow exceptions except for phone calls and text messages so far as I know. It would be nice if we could allow specific apps through as well.

On Android. (I figure Iphones have a similar setting) You CAN set a custom Alert sound system wide. Then in apps like Facebook Messanger. Set a custom sound for messages in it per app. This way you can have a custom sound for each app. And do a end run around WYZE apps limitation of needing to use the default system app. (Which is still will do, but now you can use a Alarm Alert type Ring tone)

(I have mine set to a naval alarm type buzzer sound clip I customized myself) similar to the one found here. Alarm buzzer - Ringtones, message tones and other sounds But only the first sound bite or 2 to 3 seconds. Customized it in Audacity so its not to loud) When you are out and about and it goes off. You know its your phone.

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IMO, the app needs to sound a louder and different notifications. As mentioned, something to wake me up. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I always sleep with the phone near the bed.

One solution is to have an option to either activate the notification sound or trigger the wake up alarm on your phone. Then selecting the wake up alarm will definitely draw your attention when it goes off.

Just pair with a smart plug. Then plug a lamp into it to come on when cam is triggerd. Or get a cheap radio tune to a station turn it up load and plug it into the switch.


Good idea :+1:

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You could tie the notifications to a phone call or text from IFTTT, although I’m not sure if it comes from the same phone number every time, in order to whitelist it. You’d want to experiment with that first.

Also, IFTTT isn’t totally reliable. I’ve had it stop working for half a day, and then it’ll “catch up” and do 30 things all in a row, which is super annoying. So… not great if you’re looking for something perfectly reliable.

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I submitted this suggestion through Apple’s Beta Feedback program. Apple doesn’t reply to suggestions but hopefully they add the functionality. I suggested it should work just like Breakthrough on the contact list but for individual apps.

Wyze could also update their Alexa and Google Assistant skills to relay notifications between specific hours.