What are some practical uses for the time lapse feature?

The time lapse feature is fun to use for speeding up clouds or show how fast you mow the lawn (I’ve done it), but what are more practical uses for it with the Wyze camera?

I use time lapse on the camera facing my front yard as a “summary” of events that’s easy to scan through in a few minutes (vehicles/people/animals passing by my house, volume of traffic, etc.). I also use it seasonally to monitor plant growth and occasionally to record 3D printing sessions.

Practical? Depends on your definition :slight_smile:. I see it as a fun/useful feature for specific events, not something you would be using all the time.


I like to watch paint dry.


I used it to document the installation of my patio sliding glass door. Both inside and outside views were merged together with iMovie, view dependent on where the action was at the time. Used it to show my friends and family the installation. It was quite fast, lol.

“How to install a patio door in 60 seconds or less”

Just watching sunset or weather rolling In. it’s awesome to see something that moves so apparently static to me in fast Forward :slight_smile:


I love me some weather time lapses. Very much entertainment.


I will expand on that comment, it’s awesome to see something that appears static to a normal eye, move sped up. Plus the opposite, where it’s interesting to watch something very fast get slowed way down. But the last one won’t be possible with 20 fps normal recording. :slight_smile:


I actually use other apps to adjust the lapse to the speed I want it :slight_smile:

Camera pointed at power meter - fascinating :thinking:

Looking into testing it out this winter for snowfalls.


I have a lapse starting in a few hours that will take one frame every 15 minutes until october 26th…i have it pointed outside at the trees in the backyard. I wanna get a good lapse of the leaves in Michigan turning colors. :slight_smile:


Not a bad idea

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Here’s a question for Time Lapse enthusiasts.

Sometimes when I ask for a time lapse I get a “not enough space on card” error. That’s logical if I am recording continuously to the card and ask for a time lapse that is bigger than the small amount of space that remains on the card. So I format the card, and start the time lapse.

So what happens if you are recording continuously and doing a month-long time lapse? The card will get close to full in 2-3 days if you are recording continuously in HD mode. Does the time lapse fail at that point, or do they co-exist, with the continuous record space becoming smaller and smaller as the time lapse gets bigger and bigger?

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I have one pointed at my daughter and watch to see how long it will take for her to use her 4 year degree and get a real job. I think I need Wyze to support larger memory cards. :cry:


Ive wondered that too. For something like this I formatted the card and turned all detection off. it is solely a lapse cam for this project. being a once a year thing I didn’t want to take a chance and have some sort of error