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LOL Good point…

It would just be ideal if we could simply tell Noonlight to NEVER call police unless they get ahold of us personally and get a specific affirmative permission to call police.

I know some people want them to function the way they do now (call police unless they get a personal and verified “NO” from us), so that should stay as an option, but lots of us are mostly doing this to get notifications about break-ins ourselves and give us the option to decide if police must be involved.

Personally, I feel like any time I wouldn’t be able to respond in an emergency, that police coming over are more likely to jeopardize my safety than not. For example, say in the extremely unlikely event that I am home when some robber busts in and holds a gun to my head, ties me up and starts robbing me so I can’t answer my phone…in the non-Noonlight scenario, dude is most likely to steal what he wants and then leave, so as to not make cops REALLY intent on a murder case where they devote tons of energy and forensics into the whole event… In the other case, Noonlight calls the cops and now I’m a hostage, maybe a murder-suicide situation since the guy knows he’s going to prison anyway and it’s my fault for not just letting him go. At least that’s how I see it. If I’m away from home, then I want to be notified and allow me to call the cops. Chances are the siren will make it so dude runs away before the cops get there anyway, so it’s not really significant benefit to me. They’ll show up and take a statement from me, get video, etc. But all that can still happen hours or days later with absolutely zero difference in the outcome. At least that’s how I see it…

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Interesting take! I agree, I’d rather have an option that says “don’t come unless I tell you”. There is a major stress issue in engaging the protection that first time if you think there is any possibility the cops may come on a false alarm, especially if you haven’t gotten used to the software, or gotten your permit yet.

Your points about the severity of the outcome are also valid, so let’s hope they add the option for that reason alone.

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This is another reason why multiple hubs are needed. One in the garage to act as an alarm/siren and/or local sensor hub–assuming it’s too far from house to reach main hub.

Have you looked at your home certificate available through HMS? It lists other options Noonlight can monitor. Could it be Wyze’s future updates? I hope so, :crossed_fingers:GO WYZE!!!

The other options include:

  1. Smoke/fire;
  2. Carbon monoxide;
  3. Water leak;
  4. Freeze;
  5. Communication Loss (cellular backup?)

Wyze responses to these:

So yes, some of those other check areas are being worked on. Definitely Water Leak and smoke/fire, maybe some of the others.

Agreed. Kind of nerve racking to think that if take the HMS system off of test mode, and you miss a text or call from Noonlight, that the authorities could end up at front door door plus fines on top of fines,

I think the only “automatic” call to the police should occur is if you disarm the system using a specified panic code (disarm under duress)… Or if someone actually presses the “panic” button… Otherwise, the option should be provided to the end user as to the outcome desired…(police, no police, keep calling you, set off the alarm remotely, etc…)

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I think if Wyze were to develop and add remote sirens (to help increase and broadcast the alarm sound throughout your house) that also would act as signal repeaters would be truly a great add-on option to the HMS/Wyze ecosystem.

Well, theoretically that have “remote sirens” because the v3 and WCO can theoretically be triggered to “siren.”

I use SimpliSafe. They sell a separate siren unit. The feature it has that I use the most (and appreciate the most) is in addition to being a siren it can be enabled to do a door chime when a sensor is triggered when the system is set to off mode. I have multiple back doors that open to a swimming pool. So when I have small grandchildren staying with us, it is very important that I hear the door sensor chime whenever a back door is opened. My house is large enough that having the chime sound in two locations is very important. If one uses the v3 camera for “broadcasting sounds” I would want it to be able to chime as a doorbell, and not just be a siren when system is in away mode.

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Hopefully Wyze in the future will be able to integrate the existing V3s siren feature with the HMS… And possibly offer remote sirens that can also act as signal repeaters/ door chime.

In this case all things ar profitable.

  1. Ability for spouse to arm and disarm via her device.
  2. Additional contact ( phones numbers).
    One person one contact is not always available.
    ***Now I’m paying for two systems ( one not yours) because your system was not carefully and throughly thought through. I would rather use WYZE HMS for the family.

Main wants
1 - Option for full self monitoring or for Noonlight NOT to call 911 by default.
2 - Ability to add second phone number to text and call.

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Here a simple fix. Install the app on multiple devices and log in with the same account. It works fine on a iPhone and iPad. I can Arm/Disarm on multiple devices. Your spouse can now disarm it as well.

Additional contact numbers would be nice, but how is it Wyze’s fault you pay for two systems? I mean this sincerely. Send it back and keep the one that does what you want. I’m not sure why it’s necessary to make that comment when it has nothing to do with a wishlist other than you want it right now.

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Even though a v3 camera has a siren, some don’t have one or don’t mount it outside, so an individual siren would be more desirable to some.

Wyze Lock Keypad & HMS Keypad-
Need option to have HMS keypad and Wyze lock & keypad work together. If I put in a code to unlock front door it should disarm system. I hate pushing in code twice.

Multiple Codes-
HMS keypad needs to allow multiple codes. The Wyze lock allows multiple codes so too should the HMS keypad. If I set up a code for a dog sitter to unlock the front door then I still have to give them the master code to disarm the system. That’s ridiculous and should be addressed.

Hub Sound-
Option to mute or drastically reduce sound of the delay entry from hub. Way too loud.

Second Phone Number-
currently it only allows one phone number before Emergency Response is dispatched. Please update to allow a second number.

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Just a few things would make the system much better, in my opinion:

-when you punch in numbers on the keypad, have the keypad make an audible beep as each key is pressed; this will help confirm buttons are actually pressed.
-when arming in home mode, PLEASE add the option to mute the countdown and just announce that it’s armed in home mode… or at least have the volume much lower, or just have the countdown beeps emitted from the keypad instead, or something- it’s so loud (and unfortunately annoying!) when you’re in the house. My wife leaves for work early and the beeping wakes my son up when she re-arms it!
-have the base unit make some sort of chime when an entry sensor-armed door or window is opened.
-if possible, have the keypad illuminate itself completely when the system is triggered; this would help tremendously when we arrive home after dark so we don’t press incorrect keys by mistake.
-allow one additional phone number to be added, in case the first isn’t reached by Noonlight.

-one hardware suggestion; off topic but I’d like to throw it out there: in the future perhaps develop a second physical alarm/speaker you can put on the second floor or elsewhere if the alarm is triggered. Our base unit is on the first floor, but if our second floor bedroom door is closed with the window unit AC on, we can barely hear the alarm (from test mode)… and our house is not that big. I think this would sell very well, as it will help homeowners/ renters hear an alarm better and may help deter an intruder even more so, as the alarm sound would be that much louder.

Otherwise, so far so good… With a few changes that I believe can be achieved with just software/ firmware updates, this can be a top-notch DIY home security system. Keep up the good work!


Question for ya- with the time setting at zero for the “home” arming like you described, does it still work if you arm it then immediately open the door and leave, or will that trigger the alarm? When my wife leaves for work in the morning she likes to rearm the system for my son who’s still home. This is the only thing holding us back from changing it from 30 seconds to 0 seconds… not sure if the alarm will trigger in this case. Thanks in advance.

Setting it to zero immediately arms it, so opening any door would set it off. In my case, I have all sensors enabled except the door going into my garage which since my garage is attached and is normally shut, I can go into the garage without setting the alarm off. This way, if your spouse goes to leave, going into garage and opening the garage door does not set it off. When I arm away, the door to the garage is enabled and protected. I originally had the door sensor active while home, but we also have another refrigerator in the garage, so if the kids forgot to disarm it at night if they went to get something, the alarm was being set off. My garage door remains shut even when we are home, so there is no need to really have a sensor armed unless we are away. If your garage is not attached to the house, this will not work.

Also, in your previous post you mentioned changing the volume. You can do this by going into the Wyze App and edit the base station volume and change it from Medium which is default to Low. I can barely hear it when it is set to low. I have a two story home, but our master bedroom is on the first floor and the base station is literally on the other side of the wall and I still barely hear it at Low. It wouldn’t be enough to wake me in the middle of the night which is why I left it on Medium volume.

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Bummer, our garage is detached, guess we still have to listen to the beeping. Thank you for responding though!

Another suggestion is to buy a separate keypad and put it in the garage. You can disarm as you leave the house and then when you go to the garage, arm it again with the keypad in the garage. This way, it arms immediately without going off and you won’t wake anyone when leaving. You can require a PIN so even if someone broke into the garage say through a window, they would be unable to disarm the system without the PIN. I just ordered another keypad for $24 and it arrived 2 days later. I understand the beeping isn’t ideal, but it would be hard to tell how much time remains if it were to be completely silent.